The Westin Bonaventure
404 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90071-1711

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I have stayed at this hotel probably 10-15 times in the past 2 years without incident but was bit by a bedbug for the first time in the last week in the yellow tower. The management was very proactive / professional about it though I am more worried about bringing the bugs home than being bitten

My wife and I have stayed at the Bonaventure since the 80's and were last there in July of 2012. Up to that point we have had nothing but great experiences and the one feature that they have are their beds the" heavenly sleepers", each and every time the beds were fresh and clean, the people there go above and beyond to be accommodating to it's guest. And I have recommended this hotel to many friends over the years and have heard nothing but gratitude for suggesting the Bonaventure to them a

nd to a couple or family, loved the experience. I find it more than a bit curious that people are talking about bed bugs now. I recommend to anyone to stay at this beautiful hotel, especially during Christmas time , the lobby is truly a beautiful sight for all. We are frequent guest members and will stay there at every possible opportunity.
There is no experience like your own experience, go, find out for yourself. You will be glad you did.

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Major Bed bugs on July 23,2013 in the Tower Suites...major attack on both of us ..MY gosh...I think we need to stay away from hotels that cater to "Certain international guests"...meaning location is important,

We will see what they do about it with us since we are here till Friday

I stayed there for three nights, starting on 6/14/13 in the green tower. I woke up with bites on my chest, and small blood stains on the sheets and the shirt that I only wore to sleep. Ugh. Currently trying to put everything we brought with us into the dyer. (Of note: a couple years ago I had another bed bug encounter elsewhere, so I'm familiar with what the bites feel/look like and what signs to look for).

Dear Guests who reported an issue on July 17, 2012,

Please contact us immediately as we would like to assist you as the safety of our guests is always our primary concern. We would like to move you to an another guest room then lockdown and have an independent company inspect your current room. We would like to inspect your luggage and clothing and provide any other services that may help you. We really need to have you contact us and allow us to properly assist you.

Please contact m

e directly at 213-612-4771, dial 4771 from your room or call the Operator by dialing 0.

Larry McCue

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I just woke up from my first night of 4 at the Westin Bonaventure in downtown LA. I have two bites. It sucks because there are no other available hotels in LA due to the size of the conference that I am attending. I totally creeps me out. July 2012.

My husband and I stayed at the Westin Bonaventure May 9-11 and no bedbugs. I checked the mattress and could not find anything. The Westin has the bedbug defense system on the legs of the bed and the headboard is away from the wall. Good to know that they are taking precautions.

Stayed here for 5 nights in Feb 2012 and got no bites.

My husband and I booked a hotel through Travelocity and were assigned to The Westin Bonaventure. When I went to check their website, I was surprised to see the reports on this registry. I immediately called Travelocity to cancel the reservation, but they would not refund our money. So, I contacted the hotel manager and explained about the reports I read and my fear of having this problem. He assured me that they do not have a bed bug problem (this huge hotel was recently renovated) and even

assured me that our room would be pre-inspected before our arrival. Reluctantly, we agreed to stay. We were pleasantly surprised with our room. It was beautiful--immaculate, quiet, and bed-bug free! The bed was extremely comfortable. If our stay was first-rate, I promised to submit a report on this website stating that we had a great stay, so I'm keeping my end of the bargain!

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My daughter and a friend checked into the hotel on 11-5-11 at 3am a bed bug crawled across one the friend's face. They notified the manager promptly, who was irritated to be contacted at this time in the morning. The manager offered a new room, but did not offer to clean their belongings. Since my daughter's belongings had been in the room over 12 hours, she wanted to be assured that no bedbugs would be traveling home with her; thus, she requested that her and her friend's belongings be profes

sionally cleaned. She was informed that they could not provide cleaning until Monday morning (almost 36 hours later). My daughter insisted that the belongings she needed for the day be cleaned that day. Around noon, I get a call from my daughter that she and her friend have nothing to wear but bath robes and don't know when their clothes will be returned. No one from the hotel had contacted her since earlier in the morning.

I contacted Westin Corporate to escalate the issue. This representative was very professional and compassionate. When this representative contacted the hotel, the Bonaventure contact lied told the corporate representative that all of my daughter's belongings had been cleaned and would be delivered shortly. Shortly after this, my daughter rec'd her dress for the evening, but no other belongings like undergarments and footwear. All of her other clothes and shoes remain locked in the infested room. Now to add insult to injury, no other items will be provided until Monday monring and the staff is acting udely when my daughter calls the front desk with any request. I have always had positive experiences when working with the Westin or Priceline in the past. It is unfortunate that this experience has been so stressful and dissapointing!

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My boyfriend just stayed at this hotel for an event on september 9th. He said that we noticed a bug on his bed. he killed the bug and didnt think much of it after that. The bugs much have jumped into his suitcase because he now has over 100 bites and counting :( thanks a lot Westin Hotels!!!! Get it together!!!!!!!

On June 25th I stayed at this hotel. In the morning I saw a speck of blood on my bed sheet. I knew it was nit my blood so I kicked off the covers. The next morning on the way home I noticed 5 bites on my arm. We had already left and didn't realize they were bed bug bites until I saw a show on TV.

11-27 July 2010
Myself and my 2 kids stayed at the Westin Bonaventure LA for the World Championship of performing Arts and hereby want to thank them for the wonderfull, excellent and speedy service every day that they were providing. Especially the service of the front desk and the Bell Boy!!!

It did not matter what time of day or night, if something was needed, they provided.

And for the 2 weeks stay, NO bitemarks of anykind. There were no such thing as a bedbugs. The room and bedding

was clean and neat!

I can with all honesty recommend anyone to stay there.

Suzette Knoetze
South Africa

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I stayed for a conference during 4/6-4/10 in room on the 1431. My roommate found a bug on her bed. We called the front desk and security came by to take a report. They brought in an independent pest inspector who verified the presence of bed bugs near the headboard area of my roommate's bed (the one closest to the window.)

I have stayed here multiple times and I have never in my experiences had any bedbugs. Every room I have had has been clean and their service is outstanding. I sometimes wonder if some of these people reviewing on here don't have alterior motives.

I was stayed at the Westin Bonaventure hotel 404SFigueroa St for the 2011AllStar weekend they did have bed bugs in there hotel I saw them for my self that's some nasty stuff the customer services is very very poor please do t stay at this hotel please please don't stay there.


My Husband and I stayed here, and it was awful. Bed bugs galore.

do your self a favor and dont stay there.

Interestingly, I have stayed at the Bonaventure at least 15 times in the last year (including just last week) and have never seen or felt any type of bug at all.

I booked this hotel through Priceline and was thrilled to end up with the Bonaventure until I read the bedbug reports. Priceline would not change my hotel so I called and spoke with the Bonaventure manager who was very helpful and assured me there are no bedbugs. My fiance and I stayed there and we checked the matress/sheets and did not find anything. We had a great stay. our room was newly renovated and very clean.

I stayed at this hotel on October 29-31 in 2009 and had similar experiences. I never thought to write about this until i found this site. While watching t.v in the middle of the night with the lights out and felt itchy around my neck area. I got up and turned on the lights to find a bed bugs on my pillow. I caught one in a plastic cup and immediately compared it to pictures via Internet. I brought the bug down to the front desk and showed it to the front desk clerk.

She immediately changed my

room. I tried to ask for a refund, but was not able to as I booked through priceline. Unfortunately, I could not sleep the whole night in the new room. I was a little traumatized.

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I was working with Ops risk folks from Nor Cal last week and they stayed for two nites at the Bonaventure in LA.

One lady has 10-12 serious bites and one of the bites was on/in her eye.

She went to several different rooms to be reassigned and when she turned the mattresses over there were bedbugs visible moving around making themsleves at home.

Her bites are not an overstatement as I saw them myself the morning after.

Not a pretty site.

On behalf of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites I would like to invite the guest who reported on their October 9-14, 2010 stay with us to contact me regarding their visit.

We take all of our reviews regarding guest experiences very seriously. When we receive any report regarding unsatisfactory service or quality of our products we investigate the issue immediately. Guest safety and hotel cleanliness are top priorities at the Westin Bonaventure and we always appreciate the feedback we rec

eive that allows our team to continue to provide the highest levels of service and guest satisfaction.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Larry McCue

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My husband and I stayed at the Westin Bonaventure from October 9, 2010 through October 14, 2010. On our last morning, I woke up with bites on my neck, face and chest. Throughout the day, more and more bites started to appear - about 25 in total. Three of these bite spots had the bed bug bite pattern with 3 bites in a row. The bites are very itchy. Now we risk bringing these bed bugs back into our home. I would never stay at this hotel again. Looking on TripAdvisor, there are other guests who als

o complained about bed bugs at this same hotel during our same stay period.

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