Stillwell Hotel
838 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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My daughter & I stayed on the 10th floor of the Stillwell from Aug. 2 - 10. She woke up every a.m. with several new bites. The telltale line of bites in a row appeared on her inner arm the 5th day, so I checked between the mattress & box spring & saw a telltale blood stain on the lower left corner. The last a.m., I had a series of bites on my foot. Yuck!

We stayed at the Stillwell for three nights in June and were eaten alive by bedbugs. In my case, the welts and itching did not manifest themselves until the third night. The manager, Raj, refused to refund our money, called us liars and invited us never to return (like we ever would). This hotel is basically a transient haven with a bar frequented by drug addicts and prostitutes. The owner, T.S. Gill, is a well-established Los Angeles slumlord who owns several dilapidated buildings around to

wn, including one about a block away on Broadway (the Yorkshire Apartments) which is little more than a toilet. But what do you expect from a bunch of greedy towelheads with no morals whatsoever?

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Separated from a group tour and arrived in Los Angeles too late to find a decent hotel, so opted for Stillwell. There was no immediate evidence of infestation, but I woke up next morning to see several engorged bed bugs walking across the sheets. Blood stains up and down the sheets, smaller likewise engorged nymphs scurrying to hide. Nearly eaten alive. The desk clerk denied a problem, but an elderly gentleman in the lobby who indicated he resided there confided that this is a well-known flo

phouse with a chronic bed bug infestation and a landlord who refuses to ameliorate it. Deplorable.

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I stayed at the Stillwell from March 4 to March 7, 2012 on the 10th floor (room 1017). After leaving I had over a dozen ugly, red welts all over my arms and legs which developed over the next few days. I even caught a live bed bug crawling on the mirror frame near the bed! When I took the little guy to the front desk on check out, the clerk said they would call an exterminator. But he offered me nothing except to ask if I had been bitten. Well I had, but the bites didn't show for a few days.

I've stayed at the Stillwell Hotel for 3 months now. It is a bit shabby but the price is right for a monthly rental downtown.
Unfortunately this month, October 2011,I'be been inundated with bed bug bites! and in the last two weeks there has been a roach problem as well!
The manager, Raj, was helpful only with regard to covering her own ass. She said I could move to another room but not until I re-washed ALL my clothing and inspected every scrap of paper and personal belongings....AT MY OWN E

Talk about fulfilling a negative stereo-type. I guess it's true, South Asians are cheap bastards!
Maybe you do only get what you pay for but for the life of me I can't remember them mentioning anything about bed bugs and roaches when I checked in.

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8/6 - 8/14/2011
I stayed at the Stillwell again for aover a week with my daughter, on the 10th floor and had absolutely NO PROBLEMS with bedbugs. If there was a problem before, it must have been taken care of. I had stayed on the 7th floor for one week each the 2 previous years and had no problems either.

I staid at the Stillwell in October 2010. I've staid there for years, and though it's a little shabby I've always found it acceptable. Great location for my business needs.

But this time I awoke covered in bites. When I reported it to the desk clerk, he seemed slightly amused. And agreed that they probably were bedbug bites. They moved me to another room
which seemed better the first night, but by the second I'm pretty sure I was being bitten again. Fortunately, that was my last night
of th

e trip and the last night for me at the Stillwell.

I'm actually kind of sad about it. End of an era!

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Stillwell Hotel is infested with bedbugs! I stayed here a few months ago for a trip on I believe the 10th floor and it was the worse night of my life. I complain to the manager a woman named I believe Rodge. She was super mean to me and would not give me back my money. Stay away!

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