Saharan Motor Hotel
7212 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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This is possibly the WORSE hotel I have ever had to endure. I am extremely well travelled as I have stayed in many different hotels around the world and know a bad hotel but this place is really something else.

I stayed there a few weeks ago whilst being pregnant and got savaged by BED BUGS. The obnoxious (and that is the kindest word I can find for them) staff failed to take any responsibility or show any concern at the severity of the painful bites I had experienced and what's more, refused

to refund the cost of the room despite my condition or the fact that it had been caused at their establishment.

I then had to pay substantial medical bills, as I was visiting the USA, which I am currently reclaiming via my travel insurance.

Really the whole experience ruined my weekend and not matter how much of a bargain this place seems IT REALLY ISN'T WORTH IT. I really cannot it stress it enough when I say STAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

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My employees and myself got a room at the Saharan while on the road and just before calling it a night for the second night in our room, we found an absolute infestation of bed bugs everywhere...

One of my employees suffered literally dozens and dozens of bites on his legs.

The man at the front desk refused a refund for this atrocity and I will be filing much more stern and, probably, legal actions in regard to the fact that my employees, all our luggage and now our cars are infested wi

th this disgusting epidemic.

This is unacceptable...

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Booked the family suite for one night on Nov. 12, 2010. We went out then came back. While getting ready for bed, at 2 AM I noticed something white moving on my sandal. My friend informed me it was a bed bug. We searched the beds and found several more and even slightly larger brown bugs crawling amoungst our luggage and other belongings and managed to successfully capture three to show as proof and took pictures. We showed the front desk attendant but we couldn't get a refunda nd ended up l

eaving the motel at 3 AM. We will follow up with a formal complaint filed and a phone call.

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