Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles
506 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071-2602

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Stayed at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel this weekend, very happy with the hotel and we never saw or felt any bugs safe to say ! Hotel was beautiful and very clean, if they had them before (like a lot of hotels do) they got rid of them.

In november of 2012, I stayed at this hotel for 1 night. I was bitten on my butt several times and had the worst/pain itch for over a month. Did not realize what it was until after 2 weeks when a doctor looked at the bites and determined it was bed bug bites.

They took 5 weeks to stop itching and clear up. Horrible feeling. It was a corner room on the 8th floor.

Checked in on 5/31 after 15 mins of my children going to sleep bed bugs started crawling out I couldn't keep up killing those little suckers I had to wake up my kids. Security came to the room to take pictures of all the bugs I had killed, I was so disgusted, they tried to change us rooms but at this point all I wanted to do was leave this place, I had previously read hotel reviews of guests complaining of bed bugs but I had already paid for our room so I took a chance, big mistake. I hope peop

le never have to go thru this especially with their young children. I had to find a hotel at 2am. I hope people read reviews and save them selves the troubles

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To Jill from 2/11 obviously you write a good review because you have never encountered bed bugs during your stay if you had to kill as many as I did from my kids bed while they were sleeping you would be writting a totally different story. From people's reports they have been battling this problem for years now and they don't do anything about it

I found 2 bed bugs in my room, freaking out I phoned the front desk they had me switch rooms and gave me a discount. Still is not making my stay any better. Bed bugs travel and are hard to detect during the day. I voiced my concerns to the manager on their sanitary measures to prevent more cases. yuck.

I routinely stay at this historic hotel in downtown los angeles and have never had any issues with bed bugs. A previous reviewer called this hotel "outdated" when what they didn't seem to grasp is that this hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city and is about as grand in terms of stunning architecture as you'll find. The hotel and is rooms have always been very clean and certainly not lacking in modernization.
I highly recommend this hotel.

instance of bed bugs from several colleagues staying at this hotel the week of January 10. over 300 rooms with our group.


Went to bed and woke up 4 a.m. up and saw my body covered in welts from bedbug bites. Reported it to management. They filed report and took photos of some of the bites, said they would be contacting me.... said they would close the room and move me but I checked out and checked into another hotel.

Last May 2010, one member of our party of 25 or so people had bed bug bites. Hotel moved him and had his luggage and clothing washed. Hotel is old, partially renovated, acres of carpeting and bedding. Some areas have very old electronics, etc.

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