Liberty Hotel
1770 Orchid Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028-4303

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We stayed at the Hollywood Liberty Hotel this past weekend and encountered bed bugs. I have never had this happen to me before.
First off I was very put off by the fact that the hotel did not offer clean fresh pillows for us. The only pillows on the bed were the decorative top pillows in a pillow sham that matched the comforter on top of the bed. There were NO pillows underneath with pillow cases to be used for sleeping. When we called and requested a sleeping pillow someone came and brought a

pillow that was NOT covered and had several stains all over it. Needless to say this pillow was not used and we tossed it on the floor in the corner.
Upon waking up in the morning I had several bumps all over my legs and a couple on my arms. All of these were on my right side which is the side that prefer to sleep on every night. I am very disgusted with this!! These are definitely NOT regular bug bites. They are red in the center and itch like crazy. I have been bit before by a mosquito and it is nothing like that.
Besides having a very rude staff and the room not being ready even an hour after the check in this is just another reason to keep us from staying at this hotel ever again. We waited after checking in outside in the hallway while our maid “cleaned” the room before we could even go in. Hopefully this helps inform others that this hotel is definitely not clean by no means and I will NOT be staying there again. Very disappointed and disgusted!!!

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