City Center Motel-Los Angeles
1135 W 7th St
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2409

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I checked into the hotel at approximately 1:00 AM Pacific Time. I entered room 244 and was immediately disturbed by the overall nature and lack of cleanliness. When I walked over to the bed I noticed a bed bug move across the sheets. I moved in for a closer look to ensure it was, in fact, a bed bug. When I placed my hand on the bed, a second one crawled out from under the pillows. I had experienced bed bugs once before in college and am certain that there were at least two, and in all likelihood

, many more bed bugs in this room.

I alerted the front desk of the issue and they denied that there were any bed bugs. They refused a refund and were very rude throughout the entire process. I am appalled by the staff and their business practices.

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