Lafayette Park Hotel
3287 Mt Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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I find it unlikely that the bedbug report is accurate. We have guests staying at this hotel several times a month (for many years) and there has never been a bed bug or any housekeeping issue. In fact, I stayed there last week and everything was crisp and clean.

Dear Readers:

In response to the posting on this site, the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa has absolutely no record of any guests reporting any bed bug incidences.

A claim of this importance would have been thoroughly investigated by us and eradicated promptly. This one posting was submitted anonymously by “Lafayette Park Hotel” in June of 2009. For all we know, this could have been posted by a disgruntled employee, guest, etc…but not by any guest who has registered such a complaint w

ith us.

For the obvious reasons, we take the potential for bed bugs at our hotels very seriously. It has become a great concern nationally in recent years, and our company was one of the very first hotel groups in the country to undertake an ongoing preventative maintenance program for ensuring that we remain pest free. For the last several years, all Woodside Hotels have been routinely inspected by trained dogs to search for bed bugs. While it might sound surprising, these beagles are the most effective detection method available today for bed bugs and we use them to ensure that the rooms we provide our guests are clean and safe.

Thank you for your consideration,

Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa management

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Beautiful hotel but we were very surprised that we were attacked at night by bugs. Wife had 20 bites or so...
Very sad. They had no idea but promised to look into it after we reported it....

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