Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort
21100 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach, CA

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My husband stayed here from 3/18-3/20. Upon returning home he complained that he must have been bitten by a mosquito because his back itched. I told him there was nothing I could see and showed him his back in a mirror. He insisted, so for days I applied hydrocortisone. He must have had a delayed reaction because within the week bite marks started to appear on that area as well as on his chest (almost in a horseshoe pattern from his back, under his arm to his chest area near his underarm. They

are really red, itchy, welt like and some look like they have small blisters. Continuing with hydrocortisone and Zyrtec for the itching. Bite marks are isolated to that area. He said his skin feels bruised...I'm sure from the scratching. Just hope he didn't bring any of them home. We keep our suitcases in plastic bags in the garage but will be checking our house just in case. No bites on me...thank goodness! I'm sure he will be checking for bedbugs the next time he stays in a hotel!

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