Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites ELK GROVE
9175 W Stockton Blvd
Elk Grove, CA

Found 3 reports:

A couple days ago I saw an engorged bed bug. I didn't think much of it until the infestation hit hard. The staff refuses to acknowledge it and insists its not the fault. Of course it is. This hotel is not worth the risk. Because of them I have to move all my belongings.

We stayed at this hotel 8/30/13-9/2/13. After flying home from our trip, I kept waking up with bites all over my body. We just had an exterminator come check out our apartment and we do indeed have bed bugs. We did not have them before this trip so the bugs must have traveled in our suitcases.

Jan. 6th 2013

We were getting ready to go to bed and went to move the pillow and there was a bug. I quickly looked up bed bug images on the internet and sure enough it was what I was looking at. After calling the front desk to tell them what we found, another one started crawling on the other pillow. The staff was very accommodating and moved us to another room.

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