Furnace Creek Inn
Hwy. 190
Death Valley, CA

Found 6 reports:

don't know if these are bed bug bites, but they are everywhere on my roommate's body, from ankles to knees, to crotch, under the arms and around the neck to the chin. There are over 20 of them. We stayed in 615 and the bite marks appeared on the morning of Nov. 1, 2015. Very itchy, swollen and red. A day later, they are worse and not going down at all. Extremely painful.

The above reports are in the wrong property location. They should be regestered under the ranch resort. These two properties are totally separate. One mile from each other.

Massive quantities of bed bug bites in building 6, think room 628 at the ranch....first week in April.

Two bites after stay in room 740 at the ranch, 02/18-02/24/2014.

Stayed at the ranch in room 734 Feb 7-9. Received dozens of bites. I'm very allergic so they're very noticeable. Didn't stay anywhere else so this is the source.

Bedbugs are in the bedroom 711 on the ranch.

No nearby bug reports