Hilton Concord
1970 Diamond Blvd
Concord, CA

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Stayed at the Hilton on March 8-9, 2014, Room 208. Woke up with severe red bites all over my hands. As the day progressed I got more and more sick-an allergic reaction to the bugs. I immediately alerted the staff to the problem. They "inspected" the room and said they could find no sign of the bugs. so where did the bites come from? Yet when they called down to a room inspector they code named them "cowboys," so how common is this here? They tried to blame it on me being allergic to the soap the

y used or some other thing, refused to believe that these horrible red itchy bites were from their infected room. Buyer beware!I am currently stripping down my room at home and quarantined the suitcase I brought,as well as the clothes-to be taken to the dry cleaners. Am washing and cleaning just in case they came home with me. Still itching 4 days later. Called Dr. today and told me to be seen in urgent care center.

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beware landlord

On my stay 9/20/10 thru 9/21/10 found bed bugs on head boards, sheets and pillow. Blood found through out the bed. Changed rooms twice. Next room had large spiders along with bed bugs. Advised staff they did not seem to concern.

August 2, 2010. Awoke to dozens of tiny red bumps on legs and feet, head, and hands. Tiny streaks of blood on sheets. Maddeningly itchy. Once I figured out what it was (my first time as a bedbug buffet) I looked around for them; found a couple under the edge of the mattress pillow-top.

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