Days Inn San Diego South Bay
699 E St
Chula Vista, CA

Found 3 reports:

My boyfriend, 2 young kids ages 1 and 3 and myself stayed at at the Days Inn in Chula Vista and I started noticing bites all over my leg and elbow. We confronted the hotel and they denied having any bed bugs here. The hotel maintenance guy checked our room #211 and right away confirmed our bed was infested. The hotel switched us to a much smaller room and refused to reimburse our money or anything for that matte. We called coorporate and are still waiting for a response. Its bull.

During my stay in room 144 on 9/12/14. I woke up and squished a large bed bug in my room. I went to the front desk and they said that they weren't aware of any bed bug issues and could not change my room until the next day. I decided to go back and sleep again in the room, bad decision... It took about 3 days for the bites to show up well but they did, I am covered and they itch terribly.

My three children and I were eaten by bedbugs last night 8/7/2012. I had friends that were staying in another room that did NOT have this experience. There was blood on the sheets and bites on our legs this morning. I am now afraid to go home and infest our house!

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