1177 Airport Blvd
Burlingame, CA

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stayed here after United Airlines cancelled my Flight back home. United Airlines sent my boyfriend and I to Crown Plaza Hotel in Burlingame on Monday 9/9/13. I found 1 bug crawling on the pillow next to me and immediately called for my boyfriend to come a look at it. He killed it and we could not believe it was bedbugs. Never seeing it before. We then google it. Sure thing! It was a bedbug. After a few minutes, I hopped onto the other bed in the room. My boyfriend stayed up inspecting the

room and found 2 more crawling up the conforter coming to suck my blood! He woke me up and we immediately packed up and went to the front desk manager. The manager then proceeded to give us another room, but the only room he had left was one with NO working AC. Completely grossed out by our experience, we checked out of this hotel immediately.

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