Residence Inn by Marriott Los Angeles Hotel
1177 S Beverly Dr, Los Angeles, Ca 90035
Beverly Hills, CA

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Marriott Residence Inn Room 310; Tuesday, April 27, 2010. I saw a bug about 5:30 a.m. crawling near my chest. I smashed the bug and fresh, red blood marked the spot where the bug was smashed. I killed one other bug in the bed (red blood again) and killed an additional bug on the wall that had not fed. I refused to stay at the hotel since I knew bed bugs travel and checked out immediately. I had the front desk manager and head of housekeeping come up to the room and see the blood and the one

bug that I had killed on the wall. The head of housekeeping seemed very dismissive which concerned me. The refunded me the one night and I insisted they transfer me to another Marriott hotel. My travel agency through work followed up on the same day, and the general manager called back to confirm that their "expert" had confirmed it was an "early infestation" of bed bugs. They assured me that they would treat the room via extermination, but I am not convinced this will correct the issue.

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@Medical Lady ^... Get over yourself! I don't mean to sound mean BUT seriously, regardless of cleanliness, bed bugs happen, it;s horrible. HOW do you know, assuming a # day buss. trip, you brought some sort of luggage, wherever you stored/stowed that luggage on that plain/train/automobile, did not have bed bugs, THAT could have very easily crawled on/in your luggage AND you brought them to the hotel with you?? ... Come on.... U Can't.


WE NEED people like you

, who have experienced this hell, to spread the word, learn and educate. Please. I hope you stay BB free :-)

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This happend in early Dec of 09. The first night, only had 2 bites on my legs. I didnt know what it was - thought it was maybe a flea bite (this hotel has dogs/cats). The second night woke up to bites all over my leg, side and one on my forehead! I called the front desk at like 3AM and they just switched me to a different room. I had looked online and compared my bites to the pics and sure enough - they were bed bug bites! I had to stay for business (3day trip) and was raining like crazy out. I

informed the front desk of my bites and spoke with management - all they did was apologize. I told them they need to vaccuum and clean the hallways/rooms more! I checked out that evening. This is ridiculous, a 3* hotel in beverly hills should not have bed bugs!!!

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