Pines Resort Conference Center
54449 Road 432
Bass Lake, CA

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I Stayed at The Pines Resort in July 2014. I am a local of the area and know several employees and house keepers that work there. Chalet #259 and #260 and also suite #15 ARE HEAVILY INFESTED WITH BED BUGS!!!! SO bad that the house keepers refuse to go into them! They throw the bedding away after each check out! The owners of The Pines Resort are well aware of the infestations and refuse to get treatment for them! I am sure there are several other rooms infested but, the owners will not even allo

w professionals to come in and inspect the units. DO NOT STAY AT THIS RESORT!!!!! DO NOT SUBJECT YOUR FAMILIES AND HOMES TO THIS POORLY MAINTAINED PLACE. I am promising to do what ever it takes to make the public known of this situation and force the owners Que and Sun to resolve this issue with professional treatment! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!!

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I stayed at The Pines Resort From Oct. 25-27, I started receiving over 15 bites after my first night. It wasn't till my partner actually killed a blood filled bed bug the morning after our 2nd night, while we were in bed, that I realized I was getting bitten during my stay. We reported it to front desk and checked out early. After showing pictures and the front desk agents can visibly see over 40 bites (welts and rashes) they comp'd our stay. I hope they treat cabin 260. I ended up with ov

er 50 bites.

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On March 24, 2013, while staying in Pines Resort spa suite 3, I received about 12 bed bug bites on my legs.

Bed Bugs have been found at The Pine Resort.
Chalet 253-254. Ducey's Suit 13.

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