Dolphin's Cove Resort
465 W Orangewood Ave
Anaheim, CA 99999

Found 2 reports:

The first night at the hotel I saw a bed bug on the chair in the living room area. The bug look unfamiliar to me so I just assumed it was some California bug I'd never seen before so I didn't think anything of it. The second night at the hotel I walked into the bathroom around 10:30pm and saw a bed bug on the bathroom floor. I killed it assuming it was some random bug but then started to do some research and realized it was in fact a bed bug. I immediately contacted the front desk and let them k

now I also gave them the bug I found. Then did switch me to a different room. They also accidently told me that another guest had contacted them about bed bugs in there room as well. So it's a problem here

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We checked in on 9/1/2012 and were assigned to room 305. I immediately began checking the room and found a couple of bed bugs along the baseboard and in one of the beds. We went back to the desk and they assigned us to another room, in a different building. We checked that and found another bed bug in one of the beds. We then went back to the desk and reported it and they gave us two keys to two different rooms in another building and we didn't find any in either of those rooms (209 or 210).

We ended up staying in one of those rooms and had no further encounters.

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