Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

March 26

1809 Frances St i discovered bed bugs in my suite on march 7th, 2015 ..

March 25

1111 Beach Ave I just moved into 1111 Beach Ave. It's not a hotel nor

609 Gore Ave This apartment building is thoroughly infested. While it i

259 Powell Rooms in this building are a total joke. The whole second an

March 23

725 W 70th Ave We moved in to the one bed room apartment on 27th of Jan

March 17

1160 Haro St i am trying to contact Teresa DALPHOND AT 1802 - 1160 HARO

March 16

1022 Nelson St We discovered bedbugs in our apartment in August 2014 an

1851 E Pender St March 2015. Massive outbreak because of a tenant who

March 14

3989 Dumfries St Carpet beetles. They tickle the larva sting and in thi

March 13

1414 Barclay St I was not sure about the 2007 review here which has no

March 12

1090 Jervis St Bed bugs have been an issue in the building since 2013 o

March 11

1125 W 12th Ave 10th March 2015, 8th floor room. I noticed blood spots

March 08

1540 Davie St What is it like now? I saw a posting for an apartment her

March 05

1225 Cardero St BED BUGS ARE BACK AT REGENCY PARK 1225 Cardero Street,

March 02

242 E 48th Ave I had been living there for 6 months. The place is not t

455 Abbott St I moved in on 11-1-2014. I noticed right away that there

520 W 7th Ave March 1 2015 The bed Bug problem persists. I don't be

February 27

1985 Wallace St Bed bugs have been infested at 1985 Wallace St since No

February 23

404 E 8th Ave I haven't dealt with bedbugs personally, but I know they

February 22

8655 Oak St I lived at this address from December 2009-April 2014 and I

February 18

229 Lakewood Dr June 2014 we found massive bed bug infestation in our b

2291 W 1st Ave Bed bugs reported and found in one unit on February 17.

February 17

990 Broughton St I went to this location, and have friends who live her

February 16

695 Se Marine Dr There are mice in the building. One of them even enter

605 Se Marine Dr There are mice in the building. One of them even enter

February 15

320 Abbott St I have been living here for about a year and a half and a

February 13

456 E 8th Ave Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time i

522 E 8th Ave Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this time i

1855 E Georgia St Property Manager did follow up No Problems at this ti

538 Smithe St 2 units positive for bed bugs on feb 11, 2015

February 11

1845 Comox St My place is filled with bedbugs. I heard someone brought

February 04

480 Robson St I found one bed bug on my pillow, I squished it, and it c

February 03

1755 Haro St Perhaps this report comes a little late; however, bed bugs

February 02

2228 Franklin St Absolutely disgusting and filthy building. I do not s

2060 Comox St In November 2014 I found a bud bug in my apartment #702.

January 31

1080 Barclay St Pest control people in the other person's post were cal

January 28

356 E 6th Ave Canadian Red Cross was informed of bed bug removal in pro

January 24

22 E Cordova St Yeps..6th floor again !! twice now, But caretaker and

January 22

430 E 48th Ave

January 21

1348 Barclay St December of 2014 Bedbugs found in multiple rooms of my

January 19


January 18

4570 Windsor St There are bed bugs everywhere, and we got bites all ove

January 17

1333 Haro St I have seen a few in my place and have been bitten twice.

January 16

2400 Motel Ltd Quite literally within the past 10 minutes of sending th

1755 Davie St Checked in on Jan 9 for 4 day stay with my daughter and g

January 15

1015 Burrard St Myself and two visiting friends rented suite 2208 on S

January 13

1275 Haro St Just the absolute worst. Don't move in here, it's hopeless

801 E 6th Ave We found bedbugs, management dealt with it immediately an