Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

October 03

1498 Harwood St A suite on my floor was infested with bedbugs. The prop

September 30

455 E 20th Ave In response to the entry 01/13/2015 We have had an insp

1920 Alberni St I live in this building for 1 year now and I'm having p

1115 Nelson St I noticed my furniture had suddenly started to look dirt

September 29

1333 Haro St Let me agree with the poster below from 2008. STAY AWAY FR

September 28

801 E 6th Ave Earlier this week my roommate told me that he was bitten

September 27

3075 Prince Edward St Don't rent here. The building has a huge bed bug

September 26

1355 Pendrell St Felt something crawl across my shoulder in bed. Put ha

2050 Nelson St Friday September 25, 2015 A man came into the elevato

September 24

819 Nicola St This place is overpriced and so gross. Don't rent here. T

September 23

1345 Nelson St Today, Sept. 23 2015, we had to get our unit 203 extermi

1111 Barclay St I rented the apartment for the 1st of September 2015 an

September 22

1230 Burnaby St I have lived at this address for 25 years. We haven't h

September 21

1306 Haro St All neighborhood around this building (1306 Haro Street, "

September 20

50 W Cordova St Hello: This is actually called the Hildon Hotel (with a

1350 Haro St This whole building is a joke. Bugs, overpriced shitty su

September 19

2121 Dundas St I've lived in two units in this building between 2010 an

September 18

330 N Nanaimo St The building is INFESTED with mice, cockroaches, and b

Victoria Drive My son rented an apt. At this address last Setpember. T

September 11

555 E 5th Ave Hi BBR, I just tried to email you, but it bounced so I

September 10

1031 Burnaby This building is disgusting. Bedbugs, cockroaches, mice...

September 09

845 Burrard St On September 8, 2015 I was Sitting on my bed enjoying wi

2280 Cornwall Ave So... Many... Silverfish.

2115 Triumph St I moved into the building in 2010. Immediately got bite

September 08

3707 W 7th Ave Been living here 2 years and not once but twice have bed

West 11th Avenue My boyfriend and I moved into this character home in 2

September 04

Joyce Street We rented a room for 6 month in 4822 Joyce street. During

8775 Osler St Silverfish in the hallways, and my apartment. Mostly in

September 03

1643 E 3rd Ave Been here for a long time because the location is perfec

September 02

1755 Haro St Not just Bedbugs! They also shutting off the heat for 5 m

September 01

777 Cardero St Sept 01, 2015 I have lived in this building for many

330 Nanaimo St I just think it is important to say that if you look up

East Pender Street This building has roaches and bed bugs..They never d

August 31

156 E 8th Ave Avoid this building, no matter how well-kept and beautifu

5607 Yew St The previous report is an accurate description. An updat

August 30

1275 Haro St 8/30/2015 - re: bed bug infestation Please advise if

Main Street Bedbugs infested in both beds management wouldn't do anythi

August 28

2582 Kingsway I arrived in that place on August 17th. I come from Belgi

August 27

989 Nelson St We had bed bugs come in a few months back and hired exter

August 21

8655 Oak St Lived here from January to July 2015 Not the best of place

August 19

620 W Pender St Hi. I wanna know if the management already did somethin