Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

November 24

455 Abbott St Building has roaches that appear every few months. manage

November 22

1123 Burnaby St hi I lived here for 7 years because of bedbug and coa

November 20

Cassandra Hotel Multiple Bedbug bites, 2nd floor. Moved to room on 3rd

November 19

807 E 6th Ave If you check your mattress and bedding every day, you'll

November 17

1160 Davie St Family is staying here now. They have found bites and sta

November 12

801 E 6th Ave I moved in 2010,big mistake the carpets weren't even clea

November 07

2121 Franklin St This Apt had bedbugs a year ago. We haven't since in o

November 05

1150 Jervis St I dont remember having problems with bedbugs when I live

125 Milross Ave Saw an exterminator with a sprayer and a mattress cover

November 04

1750 Davie St This building has bed bugs and mice. There are lots of be

November 03

75 E 8th Ave I wrote the original post for this building and I would li

October 30

2345 Dundas St Update: Anonymous on 10/29/2015 The landlord inspecte

October 28

711 W Broadway This hotel is the Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre. I stayed

October 25

1255 Pendrell St Lived here for 4.5 years starting May of 2011. Finally

October 22

8775 Osler St Awful place to live. have been here for 14 months, they

October 21

320 Abbott St Let's not kid ourselves here, this place has bugs...and r

October 17

1111 Barclay St What suite number did this happen in??

1811 Adanac St The building is infected with pest

October 16

1668 E Pender St I have been a long term tenant in one of the suite. I

October 14

90 Alexander St I'm not sure who wrote the last comment .. I haven't me

October 13

1617 E 5th Ave Does anyone know the full name of management fredirco ..

540 Helmcken St This building is an old building. It is low income hou

1421 Burnaby St No bugs in apartment. Been here just over a year and co

2111 Main St We stayed at this motel the night of Oct 10/2015 It seeme

October 09

2333 Oxford St i live in apt#217 23333 oxford st my roomate told pat th

October 08

330 N Nanaimo St This problematic tenant below will be responsible for

October 06

786 E Hastings St Woodbine hotel is not a healthy building to live in a

October 05

50 W Cordova St lately the elevator has not been operatioal since a day

1395 Beach Ave October 2015: Found a single bedbug in my suite, which m

October 03

1498 Harwood St A suite on my floor was infested with bedbugs. The prop

September 30

455 E 20th Ave In response to the entry 01/13/2015 We have had an insp

1920 Alberni St I live in this building for 1 year now and I'm having p

1115 Nelson St I noticed my furniture had suddenly started to look dirt

September 29

1333 Haro St Let me agree with the poster below from 2008. STAY AWAY FR

September 27

3075 Prince Edward St Don't rent here. The building has a huge bed bug

September 26

1355 Pendrell St Felt something crawl across my shoulder in bed. Put ha

2050 Nelson St Friday September 25, 2015 A man came into the elevato

September 24

819 Nicola St This place is overpriced and so gross. Don't rent here. T

September 23

1345 Nelson St Today, Sept. 23 2015, we had to get our unit 203 extermi