Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

December 22

100 Cosburn Ave Based on the 2 reports that was posted here, i am livin

200 Balliol St I can confirm following about this building. About t

200 Ridley Blvd Starlight building managed by Sterling Karamar building

December 21

141 Davisville Ave I have lived in this address since 2010 and I have

157 Jameson Ave I found one single bedbug once at night around 4 am on

December 20

177 Redpath Ave A few facts about 177 Redpath Avenue. The so-called

1139 College St I've been living in one of the upper level units for ye

85 Spencer Ave This building is the perfect example of how not to run a

70 Grange Ave I am a nasty tenant I guess :( I loved living here...

December 18

2575 Danforth Ave From CBC

December 16

260 Wellesley St E I have never seen so many bed bugs infest one apartm

558 Jones Ave I lived in this apartment for about a year, when one day

31 St Dennis Dr Hy. I'm old tennant. That building is not a good. Be ca

December 15

25 San Romanoway i moved in 25 san romanoway (greenwin) sometime in aug

160 Chalkfarm Dr I live in 160 and I have had numberous cockroaches in

140 Carlton St In 2013, Feb-July ish we had severe problems with bedbug

63 Roehampton Ave Before we moved into the building, we checked this we

December 14

41 Dundonald St Contrary to the comments made by "Gone and Back on 02/1

53 Thorncliffe Park Dr When my boyfriend and I first moved ino 53 thorn

December 13

200 Roehampton Ave It is December 2014 and 200 Roehampton has all of th

December 12

110 Parkway Forest Dr yup roaches have this building on its knees.. man

111 Davisville Ave Run by apparent slumlords RPMS Property Management S

2355 Lake Shore Blvd W No snow removal in the parking lot for this buil

9 Crescent Pl Lived here from 2012 to 2013. Do not move in! Unsafe bui

December 11

1417 Dundas St W Carol's Furnished Rentals is a registered business wit

25 Warrender Ave I found a bed bug. I didn't even know what it was till

70 Cambridge Ave I am considering this building. I don't see any report

1512 King St W This building is a shit stain on toronto. The landlord a

637 Lake Shore Blvd W Bed bugs found in my unit. Likely brought in by h

December 10

148 Islington Ave Blaming the infestation on the cleanliness of others

7 St Dennis Dr This place is good looking but lots of mice roaches.I li

2493 Lake Shore Blvd W I was a tenant at 2493 Lakeshore Blvd. West, 1st

December 09

240 Durie St 240 Durie street December 9 2014 I live in the building

80 St Clair Ave E I have been living at 80 St. Clair East now for a yea

600 Kingston Rd Is anyone aware of bedbugs in this building, to date? I

400 Avenue Rd I lived in this building (4th floor) and unit had bedbugs

88 Isabella St I've lived here 8 years and never heard of anyone having

December 08

101 Vaughan Rd Is there currently bedbug issues in the apartment buildi

191 Sherbourne St No bedbugs, but the building can't shake a really bad

December 07

77 Howard St Me on the 12th floor again. I have had my place treated TW

1401 Dupont St We have been living here for about 2 and a half years a

262 Sterling I moved in on June 1st 2013 and moved out may 31 2014 and

December 06

40 High Park Ave This sucks, in the 15 years I have been livimg hear. g