Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

September 03

30 Carabob Ct I have seen and caught Cockroaches and Mice in 2015. Buil

September 02

923 St Clair Ave W Just found out we have bed bugs in several apartment

555 Brimorton Drive Rented an apartment and bedbug appeared right in 2n

200 Ridley Blvd they told me when I moved in that they had bedbugs but

390 Dawes Rd multiple complaints from tenants about bedbugs and especia

201 Sherbourne St Pls tell us your floor no. Would like to get an apart

10 San Romanoway I can't sleep at night bed bugs bite me up I was sleep

50 Stephanie St I was going out through the door after lunch time today

2451 Queen St E Any improvements?

25 Wood St To respond to the people inquiring about this location: Ther

19 Blakley Avenue I rented a room in this house and in august I found a

151 Dan Leckie Way Bedbugs found burrowed int he frame of a wooden fram

52 Harlandale Avenue The landlady must have gotten her mattresses from

2401 Queen St E Reoccurring bedbug problems in this building

1055 Bay St Today I moved into a unit on 27th, there are hundreds cock

868 Dundas St E Maria. I know nothing about this building or who you ar

15 Eva Rd Been Here 10 years was good until MetCap took over just over

135 Tyndall Ave Has the bed bug problem been taken care of? Especially

45 Balliol St 09/01/2015 Have lived here for two years and have had on

666 Spadina Ave I lived in two apartments here during 2012-2013. I cons

240 Wellesley St E Cockroaches are everywhere in this building, from th

September 01

7 Walmer Rd I moved in to a 2 BR unit in the 14th floor. Two days after

77 Howard St I just moved out of this building. BEWARE. Every inch of t

40 Tuxedo Ct It is true this apt has roaches and bed bugs and the main


200 Balliol St So let me first start off by saying I am actually obsess

August 31

116 Spencer Ave Any news for this place ?

447 Bathurst The worst landlords. They continued to pick up furniture f

15 Penrose Rd To Vito R Whatever name you are using, you are dishone

125 Bamburgh Circle This building has roaches and bedbugs. At first My

2575 Danforth Ave Every Sunday these parents' little darlings press ev

33 Isabella St I've been seeing more and more roaches in this building.

55 Brownlow Ave Hi Can anyone provide an update re this pest/bed bug

59 Spadina Rd 59 Spadina Road, unit 205. Don't want to leave the actua

148 Islington Ave I'm so relieved that I was able to read the feed back

22 Close Ave Greg and Elizabeth slumlords are gone from 22 Close Avenue

August 30

140 Wellesley St E Anu update ??? Considering moving in.

200 Sherbourne St Keep the trash out!! The whores,pips and the people w

104 Bedford Rd Hello all, I'm fairly new to Toronto - moved here fro

150 Graydon Hall Dr Similar problems as everyone else! Extreme bed bug

August 29

20 Blue Jays Way I contacted an escort agency called Toronto Girlfriend

280 Wellesley St E @mary from two posts ago: That is completely fair

103 W Lodge Ave August 29,2015 This is the worst building to live in.

682 Warden Ave Bedbugs is noting now at 682 warden ave. yesterday I was

40 Gerrard St E I've been living here for 3 months. Noticed the bedbugs

August 28

220 Woolner Ave Hello everyone, I live at 230 Woolner and wanted to chi

116 Galley Ave Bed bug traps have not found any bedbugs at this locatio