Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

August 03

617 Bathurst St No bed bugs, mice have been an issue. Land lady is diff

77 St Clair Ave E Recently moved in bought new furniture all excited an

140 Elm Ridge Dr We don't know how it occurred, but suddenly last Octob

August 02

7 Birchlea Ave July 2013 - this building still has a problem. Don't go

275 Main St I am one of the residents of 275 and I could not stand the

494 Runnymede Rd Yeah, I heard that dudes got some kinda criminal reco

1540 Victoria Park Ave I posted earlier in Jan. I haven't seen any roa

August 01

340 Dixon Rd There are bedbugs in some units in this condo building. Th

75 Eastdale Ave I moved in this apartment about a year and half ago. I

33 Carlson Ct July 26 2013 Crowne Plaza Airport Bed Bug in rooms on

65 Dundas St E After a three nights stay I noticed I had several bed bu

185 Yorkland Blvd Noticed several bed bugs caught in a spider web. Staf

77 Spencer Ave Does anyone have a current review for this building? Hav

65 Forest Manor Rd I can found cockroach everywhere anytime in my apart

July 31

1442 Lawrence Ave W Very Very Bad , Bedbugs and other living Insects !!

6 24th St Since June of this year I have been dealing with cockroaches.

25 Parkway Forest Dr I moved in this building in April 2012. I was not

158 Berry Rd Whole place is infested. Do not move in.

July 30

20 Gothic Ave No bed bugs in our residence at 20 Gothic Ave. Moved in a

Thorncliffe Park Dr 43 Thorncliffe Park Drive has cockroaches (never en

409 Huron St This place is totally a nightmare, I've moved out since Ap

50 Alexander St I've been visiting 50 Alexander Street on the 5th floor

February 28

200 Dufferin St Thank you for posting your comments about 200 Dufferin

392 Sherbourne St Thank you for your comments and concerns. Timbercree

540 Sherbourne St This is hilarious ... scroll down - someone is obviou

145 Marlee Ave i lived in this place for a year and the place is nice!!

166 Jameson Ave Whats the rental office number??

February 27

145 St George St Feb 28/13 Ok, if MAGICAL PEST CONTROL says this bui

33 Isabella St I heard that bed bugs first numb your skin before they d

89 Isabella St I've lived here for 8 years and I've never seen a bed bu

February 26

345 Merton St We lived at 345 Merton St. (Numert Investments) for appro

2928 Yonge St One of my friends wanted to move in the building because

February 25

730 Dovercourt Rd We've lived here for a year, no bed bugs or pests yet

2449 Queen St E There are bedbugs here.

February 24

22 Close Ave I've lived here for less than a year, on one of the higher

1501 Woodbine Ave This building is infested with bedbugs for sure, mypl

6030 Bathurst St I had bedbugs at the end of 2012. i sprayed the appar

26 Riverdale Ave This 'inn' is a scam. The owner/landlord has a great s

29 Glasgow St Still bedbugs here!

10 Hogarth Ave Just saw a chair outside today that said bedbugs written

7 Crescent Pl I saw an advertisement about one unit in this building an

February 23

1535 Bathurst St I'm the new Superintendent here and I have not had one

February 22

655 Broadview Ave Hi.. I'm supposed to move in (16th floor) soon and a

21 Lascelles Blvd Lived here for a year and (knock on wood!) No bugs! I

470 Roncesvalles Ave I'm looking into moving into this apartment buildi