Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

August 02


666 Spadina Ave The woman who works in the main office has her head up

August 01

200 Elm St At 222 Elm- yes, there seems to be a growing cockroach infes

9 Albany Avenue I've been living here for a month and every night is a

105 W Lodge Ave My roommate and I moved in a month ago and we've alread

86 Concord Ave I stayed over at an apartment in this house and the next

50 Stephanie St Living at 50 Stephanie street was a night mare. Our uni

45 The Esplanade Staying at hotel 8/1/3015, I just woke up at 4:35 am w

July 31

25 Mabelle Ave Ever since management changed, the bugs have gotten disg

80 Mornelle Ct This place is absolutely horrendous. The amount of disgu

150 Cosburn Ave Serious issue with bed bugs! Have had two treatments e

70 Spadina Rd I lived there for 8 months. In the winter, it is freez

40 Godstone Rd Building is still infested with bedbugs. Constant pile o

July 30

1001 Bay St Lived on the 18th floor and there were tiny bugs crawling a

147 Montrose Avenue Never rent here, the landlord is a slum lord. The p

233 Ferris Road We live in a house. A small bedbug infestation discover

560 Birchmount Rd I recently moved in early this year. It was alright b

389 Kipling Avenue I regret that I never made a report on this address.

378 Highfield Road do not rent here. the landlord shawn cheung will dis

111 Davisville Ave Confirmed bed bugs on the 6th floor (don't want to p

July 29

2422 Queen St E STAY AWAY!!! This place is completely infested. I've li

2011 Davenport Road My name is mike & cockroaches & bed bugs is somethi

2015 Davenport Road cockroaches, cockroaches, & did I mention more cock

641 Vaughan Rd Very polluted with bugs of all kinds. The super is a lia

July 28

607 Saint Clair Avenue West I noticed bugs approximately April I inform

90 Ontario St Bed bugs are definitely still present! We have a unit on

65 Hillside Dr well they have advertised units for rent on view it why

125 Bamburgh Circle I've been woken up early in the morning the last fe

470 Roncesvalles Ave Bed bugs confirmed here. Also, various other insec

1608 Dupont Street There are a lot of bed bugs in this place. The house

353 Danforth Ave We lived here until recently (Summer 2015). We found b

178 Hampton Avenue We lived here until recently (Summer 2015). We found

July 27

30 Hillsboro Ave This is about cockroaches in 50. Can't get rid of them

75 Eastdale Ave Bed bugs on the 15th floor. They spray poison everywher

2837 Yonge St this place was gutted and completely renovated in 2013-20

1815 O'connor Dr There has been a bed bug problem in this building in A

562 Dufferin St Amour Pest Control (The Best) coming Tuesday July 28, 2

182 Barrington Avenue I lasted here a month before I broke my lease. Th

40 Fountainhead Rd Finding cockroaches in my apartment, my place is dec

3121 Eglinton Ave E Bed bugs in the whole building stairwells and all a

77 Howard St Don't live here unless you enjoy being infested with cockr

July 26

1 Massey Sq I live in 1 Massey square 5xx in crescent town, last year o

220 Woolner Ave Hi ! My name is Eva and I live at 220 Woolner ave. and

191 Sherbourne St July 26, 2015 I have lived in this building for 5 yea

4205 Lawrence Ave E This is a dangerous building for women. There are m

July 25

100 Wingarden Crt bedbugs started showing up in one bedroom then moved