Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

March 28

510 Dawes Rd This place is badly infested with roaches. I've lived here

3101 Eglinton Ave E This building has been over run with ants since the

38 Joe Shuster Way Now that this website has been unlocked after 2 year

March 27

61 Heintzman St Management extremely quick to respond and problem was t

16 St Joseph St We found bedbugs in our fourth floor apartment in early

105 Isabella St March 2015 Just called to view a unit and lady who ans

200 Roehampton Ave Are you sure the owners have changed? I was told, th

March 26

2355 Lake Shore Blvd W Hello everyone, I am the new superintendent at 2

45 Wynford Heights Cres July 2014 Lived in this building for 7 years

20 Teesdale Pl This place is a nightmare please do not move in 20 teesd

147 8th St I was lived at 143 8th st for one year. "Please do not mo

March 25

95 Redpath Ave Lived there for four years and in the last two months I

Dufferin St I also lived at 577 dufferin street. The place is crap! Ful

1407 Dupont St Want to know if there any reports of bedbugs here? I liv

266 Sherbourne St I have been living in this building for a year now. N

224 St George St I have seen cockroaches in my unit no matter how clean

470 Sentinel Rd I've lived here for 4 years (I'm a student at York), an

63 Roehampton Ave Moving into this building has caused us a lot of stre

368 Eglinton Ave E I concur with anonymous 01/2015. I've lived in the b

March 24

45 Grenoble Dr This building is very safe and clean building now. The l

March 23

33 Davisville Ave RPMS buildings are asylum of bed bugs. I would never

110 Jameson Ave INFESTED WITH COCKROACHES! I lived in unit 104 and you

65 Broadway Ave This place is horrible. It's like a mice shelter, don't

March 22

1073 Spadina Rd The coach house in the back is full of mold and termite

March 21

99 Dowling Ave I was wondering if someone could please give me an updat

91 Jameson Ave Lived here. Can confirm. Bed bugs make the roaches look

10 Hogarth Ave Have not seen bedbug related things recently but I have

March 20

384 Bathurst St Currently living in Apartment 7 on the third floor. I t

3091 Eglinton Ave E Absolutely full of bed bugs and roaches, don't be d

March 19

450 Walmer Rd Cocroaches found in living room (walls and floor), bedroo

10 Macey Ave Oh wow what a horrible building I hate it bed bugs were he

20 Graydon Hall Dr Just checking to see if there is anyone filtering ou

2336 Weston Rd I don't believe the first report was false or as a resul

201 Van Horne Ave Stay the fucking away from this shitty place. Its ful

189 Cedarvale Ave Any new reports?

March 18

80 St Clair Ave E Lived in this building for a year and had a very bad

325 Sammon Ave So very grateful that I haven't had an issue of any kind

[65 - 103] Halsey Ave Yes the lobby stinks like weed I don't know of be