Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

October 14

535 Danforth Road 535A Danforth road... the landlord is a shady, greedy

77 Davisville Ave We currently have bedbugs and management has engaged

October 13

50 Stephanie St I've been living at 50 Stephanie for just over a year n

283 George St Moved in last month, found bedbugs in all stages of their

2340 Dundas St W this building make like a bugs all over advise not mo

2360 Dundas St W the bugbug eat us alive over here can somebodee please

2350 Dundas St W the bugbug eat us alive over here can somebodee please

1309 Wilson Ave cockroaches everywhere !!!! they will not tell you when

494 Runnymede Rd I have lived here for a year. Well maintained building

October 12

80 Danforth Ave Woke up @ 4am today October 13 2015 to find bed bugs in

200 Dufferin St Foolishly took there $1000 move-in incentive. In the fi

2901 Dundas St W Thank you for ALL reports of any type of bug and pest.

105 W Lodge Ave This place is disgusting. My roommate and I are tryin

October 11

10 Huntley St Bedbugs discovered in 2014. Management notified and exte

26 Balmoral Ave My friend is covered in fucking bites! Are you fucking

63 Roehampton Ave This place is a shithole. I lived here and could not

55 Triller Ave Latest report, floors 3-6, are infected, when people

9 Crescent Pl Been living here since February. Month after I moved in

October 10

235 Bloor St E I will most probably be moving into this building. Can s

2327 Queen St E Hey i lived here for 3 years and never had an issue. My

24 Shaw St I grew up in terra bella. my family and I left in 2001. I ca

October 09

2750 Dundas St W Although bed bug (and all pest control)are the respons

45 Dunfield Ave The management is extremely rude. If you ask them any q

541 Blackthorn Ave I have lived in the building for 5 years and I never

October 08

80 Mornelle Ct THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! The tenants are thr

411 Eglinton Ave E There are bed bugs on each floor including the eleva

15 Fort York Blvd I moved into unit 3208 in November of 2014. After a f

890 Mt Pleasant Rd Any news?!!!

80 St Clair Ave E I was suffering since two months ago at 80 St, Clair

October 07

35 Tobermory Dr I moved in to 35 tobermmory drive November, 2014. the f

John St I stayed at 20 John Street, Toronto (condo 1123) which I found

1594 King St W No evidence of bed bus since moving in 04/2015. Before s

105 Isabella St Been there to rent and talked to the tenants and visite

2401 Queen St E october 2015- bed bugs found in unit

10 Kingston Rd THIS BUILDING IS THE WORST! Bedbugs, mice, terrible land

October 06

27 Thorncliffe Park Dr 27 Thorncliffe Park Dr, is a dive I moved in wit

2495 Lake Shore Blvd W Haven't had issues with bed bugs but there is de

65 Halsey Ave I went in to view an apartment last month as the two bedr

6 Grandstand Place We just moved out from 6 Grandstand Place all I can

47 Thorncliffe Park Dr 47 Thorncliffe Park Dr, is a dive I moved in wit

October 05

250 Roehampton Ave I'm thinking of renting an apartment here.....Can an