Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

July 03

56 Howland Ave Be careful of the homophobic / bipolar / Radical religio

140 Erskine Ave Hello, I am also looking at an apartment at 110 Ersk

145 Cosburn Ave Bed bug, roaches, spiders and pantry moths, so clear ou

2560 Kingston Rd Aside from bedbugs and cockroaches which are present i

July 02

200 Roehampton Ave Please start a website or blog for tenants and by te

33 Davisville Ave I have been living at 33 Davisville Ave. since 2008.

135 Fenelon Dr this place is disgusting. i lived there for about 2 year

July 01

541 Blackthorn Ave why are there several mattresses and a couch by the

855 Roselawn Ave Woke up about a week ago with a bite mark on my chest

2575 Danforth Ave Realstar Management should be ashamed at how disrespe

10 Kingston Road Started in April of 2014 with the mysterious red bumps

1502 King St W Bedbugs are everywhere. Roaches too. The landlord sprays

148 Soudan Ave Bed bugs found in my unit around October 2011 - luckily

June 30

442 Arlington Avenue This place smells bad of mold. $5000 fine for t

3561 Eglinton Ave W I have lived at this building since 2010 without a

160 Huron St Bedbugs were found in unit below the one I resided in. Uni

375 Westmount Ave Any new reports? Is it still the same management?

75 Havenbrook Blvd Disgusting apartments with leaking closets and cabin

100 Raglan Ave We live here and we did have bed bugs. Had to throw away

June 29

52 Mabelle Ave Far investments has got to be the worst management of al

535 Danforth Road There are no Bed bugs at 535 Birchmount Road, Mike

63 Roehampton Ave They could at least give people change for the laundr

2356 Eglinton Ave E Renters beware! I checked this site before I moved

June 28

434 Parliament Street 434 Parliament Street - Apartment 4A. Used to liv

15 Cougar Ct We located in 15 cougar court..Such a worst apartments i h

7 Coatsworth Cres Bed bug infested, landlord keeps getting it sprayed b

June 27

Crescent Town Rd Crescent Town, the most notorious place. Besides bed b

801 Mt Pleasant Rd Apartments have been full of bedbugs for 1+ year, ha

1328 Queen St E Ayesha, did you go? What did they say? What did you see

June 26

469 Concord Avenue In feburary 2015 we found a few bedbugs. We immediat

117 Pembroke St Beware of BEDBUGES!!! When I checked in, the room seem

6 Forest Laneway January 2015-present (June 24 2015): 1. Food bugs (

469 Bloor Street West This building has had a serious cockroach infesta

18 Leopold St This building still has bedbugs.

862 Ossington Avenue Lived on the main floor and started noticing bites

2422 Queen St E Hey, Maybe the problem has been fixed at 2422 ( I reall

June 25

122 Dowling Ave Lou Sorkin and Paul Bello have not rejected this wonder

7 St Dennis Dr 17 th floor is infested by bed bug and roaches. My frien

Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre June 23 2 guest

231 Fort York Blvd TO Lousy Dad, you cannot just remove a headboard or

666 Ontario St Is there any updates of bedbugs? is there lots bedbugs s

411 Duplex Ave June 25, 2015 Yup!!! I've only been living at this l

191 Sherbourne St After a week there were these gangs of bugs, cockroac

321 Chaplin Cres There is no shame in bed bugs BUT Capreit does not see

Bleecker Street 55 Bleecker Street is loaded with bedbugs and roaches.

105 Kenwood Ave I'm not a tenant but I don't like the service I receive