Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

May 30

778 Broadview Ave I am highly interested in this building and I see the

40 High Park Ave Found beds bugs on 14th floor ! Alot I am out of here

50 Cambridge Ave I lived in this bldg 25 yrs ago and it was a shit hole

May 29

2960 Don Mills Rd E this happened at my boyfriend's place around Novemb

9 Albany Avenue Reported a bedbug infestation in this apartment buildon

25 Bay Mills Blvd Rude Staff, yes, no doubt about it! Spraying to get

182 Lappin Ave I am the original poster - I tried to email the bedbug r

63 Roehampton Ave The entire building was sprayed the past couple days.

May 28

177 St George St We went to view a 1 bedroom apartment in this building

102 Goodwood Park Ct This building is dirty lobby and Landry room and h

152 Portland Street 3 storey flat. Bedbugs infesting middle unit. Landl

May 27

150 Cosburn Ave Lots of bed bugs summer 2014. Affected a few apartment

2360 Dundas St W I have been CLEANLY living in 2360 for several months

262 Sterling I moved out after 6 years to find a bigger place. The Land

230 Oak St I am a resident for three years. I don't have problems with

May 26

411 Eglinton Ave E A few tenants have had them only two reported them.

103 W Lodge Ave Before moving in, we noticed a lot of cockroaches, some

2011 Davenport Road I have experienced a bed bug infestation twice in t

May 25

500 Dawes Rd

Delta Toronto I did stay at this hotel from May 15-21.2015. it was a co

[65 - 103] Halsey Ave Serious roach infestation in this building. No ma

7 Walmer Rd

May 24

1010 Broadview Ave Bed bugs have been reported in various apartments. E

33 Erskine Ave This place is run by slumlords. They do everything to cu

May 23

2956 Keele Street There are bed bugs everywhere! Moved from one apartme

May 22

55 Maitland St What about now? I'm thinking of moving into this buildin

230 Woolner Ave I've lived in the buildings at 220 & 230 Woolner Ave si

368 George St This is not true. If you know of any problem with bed bug

May 21

2 Grandstand Pl This apartment is very clean in a way; landlady (local

1309 Wilson Ave This building is infested with roaches an they refuse t

9 Crescent Pl 9 crescent place will make your life hell. i've been livi

May 20

370 Mccowan Rd Terrible place to live; wouldn't recommend it to my wors

25 St Mary St I've been living here for the last year, and my girlfrien

299 Glenlake Ave Hi Folks, Please continue to post. We can't prove w

158 Berry Rd Any new reports?

55 Bleecker St well the bedbugs at 55 Bleecker Street is alive and well

66 Broadway Ave Ive lived here for about a yr and never had a problem.

Holiday Inn Toronto - Int'l Airport Stayed in room 1002 in this hotel i

35 Fountainhead Rd Management is really good at communicating, they see

269 Gerrard Street East This is a public library. Twice, I found bedbug