Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

October 31

2225 5th Ave Three-month bedbug infestation in apartment after adjacent

October 30

2530 Ocean Ave Our family moved into the apartment on the ground floor

316 W 39th St This entire building is full of bedbugs. Shortly after mo

Hotel Metro I stayed here on the 2nd floor for one night. I got home a

October 29

345 Eldert St There is an infestation of such significance that managem

3017 34th St, Astoria Bed bugs

701 W 175th St Just discovered first bites on 10/28/14.

October 27

131 Columbia St I have spoken to several residents in this building who

368 W 116th St Have had bed bugs three times over the course of two yea

22 Cortlandt St I shopped here in august 2013 and found a live bed bug

299 Adelphi St My wife has been getting bites for the last few weeks, b

321 Edgecombe Ave Left the building two months ago @ 09/14, after battl

365 St Johns Pl Have had bed bugs for over 5 years on and off.

202 E 6th St My apartment is being treated for bed bugs.

October 26

2128 35th St Oct 22, 2014, bedbugs in my bedroom, no idea where they ca

Soho Grand Hotel October 2014 Stayed at this hotel for a week.

Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel Spent first night and had four bites appe

October 25

1663 1st Ave The entire building has bed bugs. We stayed in 2 different

2518 Frederick Douglass Blvd New tenant. I went to bed and woke up with

341 20th St Extremely unresponsive management company. Unable to get a

October 24

Lucernes Palace Incorporated Bed bugs in the first floor apartment duri

405 E 56th St There were bedbugs found at apt 10D at 405 east 56th stre

424 57th St The building has a huge infestation problem that has lasted

424 W 57th St The building has a huge infestation problem that has last

143 Driggs Ave BED BUG, The building is infested with bed bugs. landlor

October 22

209 W 87th St Discovered bed bugs at home 2 months after staying at the

28 Lawton St Infestation in the summer

193 Martense St Less than two months after moving in in August 2014, I

7201 Ridge Blvd 10.21.14 I have bed bugs. The building is always dir

October 21

Best Western Seaport Inn Room 206 of this otherwise lovely hotel, awoke

118 W 137th St October 21, 2014 Our apartment has been infested since

248 Mott St Discovered bed bugs all over the apartment on 10/20/14

2205 37th St Lived with bed bugs for six months from the spring to the

October 20

570 Ocean Ave 10.20.14 two weeks ago i found out from a resident in

1075 Oceanview Ave Last week a child reported seeing a bed bug in a cla

281 Crown St Form June to July 2014 Bedbugs was found in an apartment

October 19

87 Graham Ave Infested Mattress still in building at entry way 10/19/14

2456 44th St 09/2014 Lived here a l-o-n-g time and though I fought

New York Marriott East Side We stay at this hotel 3-4 times a year. Lov

October 16

18 W Houston St On Monday 10/13/2014, I felt myself being bitten on the


Roosevelt Hotel Of New York City i was night houskeeper at the roosevel

347 E 6th St 10/12/14 Inspector came with canine sniffing dog, bed bugs

October 15

301 Hooper St The landlord in this building is negligent. There is a cl

10 River Rd bed bugs on apt 4d

250 Washington Ave This building has dealt with bedbugs on and off. The

208 E 25th St Lived in this building, and had a confirmed bedbug issue.

October 14

184 Eagle St I lived in this building, apartment 4E, between 2011-2013.

1424 Greene Ave I don't know what the situation is now but in November