Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

October 19

87 Graham Ave Infested Mattress still in building at entry way 10/19/14

2456 44th St 09/2014 Lived here a l-o-n-g time and though I fought

New York Marriott East Side We stay at this hotel 3-4 times a year. Lov

October 16

18 W Houston St On Monday 10/13/2014, I felt myself being bitten on the


Roosevelt Hotel Of New York City i was night houskeeper at the roosevel

347 E 6th St 10/12/14 Inspector came with canine sniffing dog, bed bugs

October 15

301 Hooper St The landlord in this building is negligent. There is a cl

299 Adelphi St We moved out, after several attempts of trying to get ri

10 River Rd bed bugs on apt 4d

250 Washington Ave This building has dealt with bedbugs on and off. The

208 E 25th St Lived in this building, and had a confirmed bedbug issue.

October 14

184 Eagle St I lived in this building, apartment 4E, between 2011-2013.

1424 Greene Ave I don't know what the situation is now but in November

2007 Foster Ave Bedbugs throughout the building. Four out of five of th

October 13

220 Greene Ave Bedbugs! Do not move in. Longstanding Bed bug issues wh

629 W 142nd St 10/7/14 Found a bedbug on my sheet in 3A. Landlord said

October 11

601 Morgan Ave Over the past 6 months we have had a recurring problem w

120 E 102nd St This entire building has them. I lived there for two yea

October 10

231 E 89th St 5th floor being treated for bedbugs

355 S 4th St Moved into my apartment in July 2014. Within the first wee

135 W 96th St First, I just want to write this info. I share a home wi

The Carlton On Madison Ave I stayed at this hotel for two nights beginn

22 Fiske Pl Confirmed infestations in at least 2 apartments of this 8 a

October 09

232 W 42nd St, New This is the address of the AMC movie theater in time

353 W 44th St Top floor. Signed lease and disclosure that there were bu

161 Withers St At least 3 instances with over 1 year intervals between

142 Stockholm St Two times over the past year, units in this building h

October 08

1717 Woodbine St Second floor residents spotted bedbugs in early July 2

106 Eldert St October 5 2014 discovered, 1 room infected in 3 bedroom a

October 07

159 Chrystie St We notified management of bed bugs in our unit on Augus

October 06

517 W 161st St There have been several bed bug infestations in this bui

48 W 138th St Discovered bedbugs in our apartment in early September, a

390 Hooper St After they renovated the apartment above and next to ours

Hotel Pennsylvania New York Upon arriving I found out they had screwed

October 05

269 Albany Ave Building is infested; landlord provides subpar, ineffect

October 04

609 Nostrand Ave Bedbugs have been in this building for years. The tur

October 03

1008 Manhattan Ave This Building is infested with Bed bugs. The managem

15 Cliff St I have had a multiple bedbug re-occurrences in my apartment

180 Union St Notified by landlord that bedbugs were discovered in the b

356 St Johns Pl Beginning May 2014 and (hopefully) ending July/August 2

October 02

505 62nd St This building is completely infested with bedbugs- I have b

2188 Amsterdam Ave There ia an infestation in AT LEAST one of the apart

246 Bradhurst Ave on 9/25/14 I submitted a complaint to Jamie about bed

255 Mckibbin St Oct. 1, 2014 Before moving into McKibbin the landlo

October 01

3079 33rd St Once again, bedbugs have been confirmed in this building i

Club Quarters Downtown NYC Only 1 night stay in NY stayed in Club Quart