Recent Bed Bug Reports for Chicago

August 01

4600 N Beacon St Bed bugs and mice in this building.

July 26

1349-1355 West Greenleaf Avenue I had an infestation in my unit at the

July 24

James Hotel Chicago I've stayed at this hotel several times before with

July 23

948 West Cuyler Avenue I have confirmed that there are bed bugs at 948

1255 W Bryn Mawr Ave I have seen a random bed bug crawl across my kitch

July 22

Hampton Inn-Majestic Theater I stayed in room 2004 on July 12-16. I wok

July 21

1404-1410 West Jonquil Terrace I have had bed bugs on two occasions. Th

July 20

7318-7320 South Ridgeland Avenue Our apartment is invested with them. W

425 W Roscoe St 5th floor unit---Noticed bites around the 4th of July,

July 17

714-758 West California Terrace Apartment complex has bed bugs. Neighbo

July 16

3051 West Gunnison Street This U-shaped building had bed bugs a few yea

East 41st Place Building has been aware of ongoing bed bug infestation

July 15

The Whitehall Hotel We stayed at the Whitehall Hotel June 12 - 15,2015

July 14

1936 N Clark St It was reported to me that one of the apartments on my

July 13

2138 North Halsted Street 2nd floor apartment had problem in early wint

July 12

505 West Belmont Avenue Bed bug activity in this building. It has been

July 10

Essex Inn-Chicago Woke up to clusters of bites on leg

July 08

640 W Wrightwood Ave Have been living here on the fourth floor for two

4343 N Clarendon Ave I'm completely paranoid about bed bugs to the poin

1363 West Greenleaf Avenue Starting in April there were notices under d

7333 North Ridge Boulevard I found several bed bugs around my bed and o

July 06

510 W Belmont Ave Definitely still bed bugs in this apartment building.

July 02

Saratoga Motor Inn July 1st Ned bugs in room 149.managemeny

July 01

4180 N Marine Dr Bedbug found week of June 28. Host unit was on second

June 29

1401 W Roosevelt Rd My 90 year old mom lives in apt 211 most recently e

June 27

3339 West Cullom Avenue My roommate and I lived on the first floor of a

4322-4324 North Kenmore Avenue It appears that there have been other ap

June 26

5214-5216 South Woodlawn Avenue Throughout the Spring all the way up to

3950 N Lake Shore Dr We received a notice from he building that there m

June 24

5042-5056 South Woodlawn Avenue Found bedbugs in all of our family memb

5950 N Kenmore Ave The whole building is infested with bed bugs and roa

5100 North Sheridan Road Bed bugs in my condominium, no idea how they g

June 19

6945 N Ashland Blvd Do not move into this building. We pay 800 a month

June 17

Westin Chicago River North I stayed there June 14th and woke up with bi

June 15

30 W Chicago Ave Three months ago, in March of 2015, I saw a bedbug in

June 10

2200 West Farragut Avenue A friend had an infestation in apartment buil

June 07

6163 N Kenmore Ave Infestation of bed bugs found in crevice of box spri

June 06

Congress Plaza Hotel Was there recently and same bedbug issue comes up!

June 05

5600 N Sheridan Rd This building is full or roaches. We are moving out

June 03

Hard Rock Hotel Chicago Our family stayed at the Hard Rock during the l

May 29

1365 West Estes Avenue When my boyfriend and I first moved into our apa