Recent Bed Bug Reports for Chicago

February 26

6306 N Leavitt St I moved there on november 1st a few days later my wif

February 25

Marriott Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile I just stayed at the Marriot

February 24

5301 N Ashland Ave Moved in Dec 2014, and on moving day, other resident

February 23

5746 N Sheridan Rd I currently stay at 5746 and yes there are bed bugs.

February 18

421 W Barry Ave We've had bed bugs since October. They went away briefl

February 17

5830 N Kenmore Ave Now that I don't live here anymore, I'll share this

February 16

4343 N Clarendon Ave I have not seen any in my unit as I also have trap

February 15

940 W Winona St On going bed bug infestation. Numerous apartments. My a

February 14

2844 N Orchard St Report written Februrary 14, 2014: I tried to have fa

February 13

Embassy Suites Lakefront July 6,2015 at 5pm I checked into Embassy Suit

7301 N Sheridan Rd I haven't noticed bed bugs in this building, but I h

February 04

410 S Morgan St Roommate said she was getting bug bites while she was s

February 03

1355 W Estes Ave One of the residents let me know that he has bedbugs a

February 02

8 W Monroe St 3 bites in the last 15 days. only one specimen has been c

6171 N Sheridan Rd I recently got what I thought was an amazing deal on

January 31

2009 W Birchwood Ave Been going through a landlord tenant dispute over

January 30

662 W Wellington Ave, Chicago Illinois Summer of 2014 entire building i

January 29

4500 N Whipple St April 2013 I was waking up with one bite a week or so

January 27

2106 W Wilson Ave, Chicago Il We moved into an apt that had bed bugs al

Best Western River North Chicago, IL I stayed at the hotel December 1

January 26

3511 N Reta Ave 2014. Not us (first floor), but third floor neighbors w

Hilton Chicago 1/23/2015-We stayed for the Sox Fest Event and woke Satu

January 25

6040 N Sheridan Rd This is the third time over the last couple months t

925 W Huron St I know three people that have had bedbugs at this addres

1714 N Humboldt Blvd Bugs are coming from walls first saw in hallways d

January 21

6302 N Oakley Ave Bed bugs, cockroaches, and mice. Stay away from this

January 20

7350 S Phillips Ave On October 22, 2014my apartment became infetucst wi

3450 N Lawndale Ave, Chicago Illinois Entire building is infested with

917 W Eastwood Ave I moved in to a studio unit in spring of 2014. A few

January 18

Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro Bit by bed bugs on the night of 1/16/15. I b

January 17

4027 W Irving Park Rd Still roaches...2015

January 12

421 W Barry Ave We've lived in the building for 2 years with no problem

January 08

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place 1 jan - 4 jan 2015 I stayed in the Hyatt

January 06

5860 N Kenmore Ave December 22, 2014 Bed bug was found in apartment

January 05

4425 N Wolcott Ave Bed bugs were first discovered within a month of mov

January 03

2 E 8th St Fall of 2014 when I moved into my dorm I started getting str

January 02

Hilton Palmer House Bites on the arms New Year's Eve party 2014-2015.

Congress Plaza Hotel Bugs all over the bed and floor carpet. Could not

December 24

2951 S King Dr since i moved in few months ago, i saw one big bed bug c

December 23

Hazelton Llc Dec.22/14 it's no wonder there are roaches and bed bugs,al

December 17

2438 N Kedzie Ave I've been living here for 6 months. Starting at the 5

December 16

Inn Of Chicago Magnificent Mile I was in town for a conference & stayed

December 15

5633 N Winthrop Ave I have had problems with bed bugs since I moved in

December 14

6178 N Wolcott Ave I've been getting bites for a few weeks, and this we

1616 E 50th Pl 12/13/14, Bedbugs located!! Had been biting roommate of

December 12

5737 N Kenmore Ave On the evening of Friday, December 5, 2014, I discov