5800 N Bayshore Dr
Glendale, WI 53217-4536

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Just because you had bites, does not mean its bedbugs. Also, some people can take up to two weeks to show bites, so it doesn't mean it happened that day. It is a very strong accusation, without proof other than a bite. Even doctors cannot diagnose bedbug bites.
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I went to see a movie at IPIC at Bayshore mall mid August 2011 and got bitten 14 times by bed bugs during the movie. I know it was bed bugs and they were from IPIC because my friend was also bitten, and the bites followed the line of the shirt I was wearing. The bites itch a lot, often go in a line, and they bleed the second you scratch them - as opposed to mosquito bites which could be anywhere your skin is exposed, don't itch as much and don't bleed as fast. I called and talked to a manager wh

o told me he didn't know how that could happen because they shampoo their seats every night...I am much more inclined to believe that he didn't care and is continuing to let more people go there to get bitten.

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