1049 W 49th St
Norfolk, VA 23508-1946

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I lived at 1049 back in 2014. The bed bugs turned my life into a living hell! my apartment got treated THREE times, and each time I had to hot wash everything and spend three nights in a hotel at my own expense, and every time the bugs returned after only a couple of months. Even thinking about those days gives me hives :(

Bed Bugs with no effective solution. My roommate had them awhile back in october, and now after getting our apartment sprayed, bombed and trapped, they are back. This time instead of being in his room, they are now in my room and Im scared to death. haven't been getting any sleep and just don't know what to do. Going to call the realtor again, but honestly I would highly not suggest moving into these apartments I dont think they will ever solve this problem.

Definitely bed bugs. Roommate had them and now I found that I do after seeing 2 or 3 marks appearing on each leg in a line. Definitely a problem, and I have NO IDEA how to deal with it.

This multi-unit apartment houses many international students that go to classes at Old Dominion University. I was told, with hesitancy by the realtor even after I asked directly, that there was a bit of a cockroach problem. Upon moving into an apartment on the second floor, I immediately noticed all the cockroaches, and what I thought, at the time, to be baby ones, scattered throughout the entire apartment. After cleaning up and sealing most of the cracks I could find along the baseboards, I spe

nt my first night sleeping there. Woke up with the inner wrist of my right hand with about 12 bites, spread in 4 lines all within close proximity to each other.

I heard stories about bedbug signs, and went on to hunt down one of these "baby cockroaches". I was able to find 3 hanging along where the wall meets the ceiling in my living room/kitchen and my bedroom, and 2 along the baseboards in the living room. I was able to identify them as mature unfed bedbugs. I really hate to think of if there was a female among the ones that bit me.

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