1737 Gosnell Rd
Vienna, VA 22182-2529

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Archstone at Tysons is the Apartment complex and a two bedroom 2nd floor apartment in January contained ~8 people until the property management asked them to vacate. At that time Archstone, remodeled the apartment and that's when the bedbug problem started to affect other apartments. Instead of properly treating the whole building, Archstone ignored residents complaints and as residents we each had our apartments treated one at a time at our own expense. This caused the bugs to basically shif

t from one apartment to the next through the walls.

The treatment folks were at my neighbor's one day when I also asked them to treat my apt simultaneously to include outlets. Living out of vacuum sealed bags with no clothes in the closets or drawers was difficult. I moved in May, through out my furniture and havent had a problem since. Be wary of this place.

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