1642 Anderson Rd
Mclean, VA 22102-1610

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I was getting bites for about 3 months straight after moving into this complex (the Commons of Mclean) and I had never experienced this. I thought it was spiders, so I reported it and they had it "fumigated." The bites continued. They were serious too. I would get one or two bites on my hand or foot, or worse- forehead (all of those happened) and I would be more swollen than the michellin man. I looked for signs of bedbugs and saw none, until one night I was up super late, out of the norm for me

, I walked into my room and there was a bright bed bug crawling up myboyfriend. I caught that sucker and they finally did a thorough bed bug extermination. My compaint is that they tried to bill US for it. Yeah right, like I brought those into the place. Needless to say my mom has told me she found other reports of this apt having bedbugs, and I believe it. I'm not paying for the extermination. And I think there should be one more report out there.

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