2300 Woodland Crossing Dr
Herndon, VA 20171-5872

Found 2 reports:

"bombing" does nothing to help the bed bug problem, in fact it can make it MUCH worse. Bed bugs will retreat further into their hiding spaces to escape the chemicals, and most likely spread to other units but it has absolutely no affect on killing them, you need to do your homework and get educated about this before it prolongs it and then you will lose A LOT more.

The sanitation area has had a recent infestation of bed bugs. The trash has been piled up and reported many times, however, now that we walk in there, the bed bugs seem to crawl on you as you leave. In my case, they jumped on my clothing and ended up in my bedroom. I have bite marks all over the place.

There was a mattress in there from one of the other residents, I think perhaps this is where the problem began.

We bombed the apartment today, and notified management. We asked managemen

t to notify the health department, however, they didn't deem it necessary.

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