750 N 900 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-4008

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I just moved into a unit at City Park Apartments two weeks ago. Within the first week I saw one bug. Being a very clean person, and never having saw or dealt with bedbugs before, I brushed it off. Within a week of that I notice bedbugs crawling on my clothes, when I sleep they crawl in my bed. My previous unit was never infested and I can provide proof of this. They have pest control spray every Tuesday. This raised a red flag for me when they mentioned this while signing the lease. Now I know w

hy they need pest control every week.

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I have had what looked like a rash since Feb. 2012
I thought it was an allergic reaction. So i went to the doctor and they didn't know so they sent me to a dermatologist. They said I had high histamine levels. So they gave me Zyrtec. After 5 months I found HUGE bed bugs. So I contacted the management and asked if they had a problem with bed bugs. They said no, ironically they have an exterminator come once a week and spray. I think they should be required to disclose they have had probl

ems. I would not have been suffering for 5 months if they had.

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We had a infestion in here! We had everything in our curtains, bed! I mean everywhere!

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