209 W 200 N
Salt Lake City, UT 84103-1102

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we rented this apartment in may 09. at first there weren't any problems, but within a month, i started breaking out with a horrible rash. i went to the emergency room 3 times. because my boyfriend slept in the same bed and had no symptoms, they said it couldn't be bedbuds. surprise! one night i was reading after we were in bed, and saw a bug crawling very fastly across my book. i quickly slammed the book shut, and when i opened it, blood about the size of a dime had splattered on it. i got my bo

yfriend out of bed, and we began searching around the seams of the bed and boxsprings, and lo and behold, we found several nests of the horrible creatures! needless to say, we quickly made arrangements to move, but we had to get rid of all our furniture, clothing, and basicially everything we owned so we wouldn't take them with us. we did luck out, as we didn't transfer them with us!

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