726 S 900 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84102-3606

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First of all, my boyfriend and I have NEVER had any problems with bed bugs until we moved to this apartment. We moved here in May of 2014 as our first apartment in SLC. WHAT A MISTAKE. Literally the worst place I've ever lived. The landlords are scum bags that knew there were bed bugs there and did nothing but take our money with no remorse. We were there about a month or so before I started getting bites. I thought it m

ust have been mesquitos or something for a while. Then they kept coming so I had a thought that maybe (and hopefully not) it was bed bugs. I researched bed bugs a little bit and I went home after work one day, checked the sheets and found a large dead bed bug. I kept the bed bug (had a panic attack), called the landlords and told them what I found. They had an exterminator come and look at the bed bug and he sprayed some kind of chemical all around our apartment. It did nothing. After researching later I found that spraying doesn't help at all, it only spreads them to surrounding apartments (which I thought the exterminator should have known). Anyways, the landlords wouldn't do anything else to help us, and we kept finding them in many of our belongings.The bites I was getting continued and were so uncomfortable, as I was pretty allergic to them. My boyfriend and I eventually had enough. I found a new apartment, we left ALL of our furniture at the apartment and left the first day we could. We gave the landlords appropriate notice, but failed to remove our furniture because we had to be out of the apartment so quickly. We figured the LEAST they could do was remove our furniture as they had now blessed us with these horrible little creatures. The other thing that ticked me off was that after looking online at bed bug reviews, I found a comment someone left from 2011 about getting bed bugs here. So we moved out and got a great apartment and bought all new furniture. We cleaned and washed our clothes MANY times. At our new place we were super paranoid about getting them again, so I had a heat treatment service come and heat up our whole apartment. Well it worked, they are gone and have been gone for a year or so! But let me tell you, this was one of the most traumatizing things that has ever happened to me and my boyfriend. I spent over 4,000$ and am still paying off the debts from this apartment and all its trouble. The landlords even had the nerve to send me a 200$ bill after we moved out for leaving our furniture there and not cleaning well enough, even though they also kept our 400$ deposit for cleaning. I called them, threatened to sue them and they dropped the bill. What a joke. We live pretty close to the this apartment now, and we have seen maybe 2 or 3 people moving into our old apartment since we moved out a year ago. I feel so sad and wish there was more I could do to warn people about this so it doesn't happen to them. Bed bugs are very persistant and a real pain. I sincerely hope this review helps whoever was thinking of moving into this place. Good luck.

Another tip. Be weary of apartments that rent to you month to month. Also ALWAYS check reviews on the place before you move in.

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Found bedbugs in my box-spring. So gross. This apt building is very old so I guess it makes sense.

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