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I noticed bites on my sons arms around last year, while he was playing in the front yard. I thought they were flea bites, and began treating my front and back yard for fleas. I then noticed that my feet were getting bitten while sitting at my desk in my bedroom. So I assumed, again , fleas, as many tenets have animals here, and frankly the carpet is very old and in need of removal. I began treating the inside of my house for fleas. I did this for months. The bites got worse, and my sons arms are

scared. About a month ago, I woke him for school, and saw a bug crawl off of him, and I immediately googled bedbugs. That was it! I began to check, and sure enough we have them, they are in the carpet. I zippered up my mattress and I run my lien through the drier on a nightly basis. I contacted my landlord, sent pictures of my sons arms, asked him to treat the building, as I found out that my neighbor has had them for a year. My landlord refused, and told me to move, after I pay Mays rent. I refused to pay unit he removed the carpet and had the building treated. He said no, and filed an eviction. So, I am moving and afraid that I have to get rid of everything I own. This is in Austin, Tx by the way.

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