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I live in apt 232 and about 6 months ago my teenage daughter started getting bites all over her body. My three other children and I weren't getting bit. I had a hard time figuring this out since my two daughters share a room. Then it started, i was getting bit. I went on line and researched all kinds of bites from ants to mites to fleas then bed bugs. I even looked into skin rashes and other deseases. I was flipping mattresses and box springs at least once a week in all three rooms and still

seeing nothing. I had heard other residents in our complex not just in my building complaining of getting bit but nobody knows or will admit to what it is. Then on 10/02/09 i went home and checked the mattresses again just to find bed bugs on my daughters mattress and on mine. I wanted to die, I'm a single mom with four kids and that's alot of laundry to do not to mention the cost of casing for the beds and pillows or replacing furniture and beds.

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