2600 Gracy Farms Ln
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Be very cautious about renting an apartment from this place. Horrible management and staff. It all started mid-May 2009, I would wake up in the morning with a bite or two. At first I believed there was a rogue mosquito that would be biting me as I slept, but when I started noticing the bites in succession (2-3 in a row) and began to suspect otherwise. I had heard of bed bugs, but I did not believe that I had any because I had not traveled nor had a bought any used furniture. After two weeks

of getting bitten, I decided to do a thorough check of my mattress. There were no visible signs like dried blood spots anywhere, but when I checked the seam of the mattress, I began finding juvenile bed bugs about the size of a flea. In total I found about 5 juvies and placed them in a small container of alcohol (this is important). Next I decided to check my box spring, so I had to flip my mattress on its side. I had left the room to get something, and when I came back, I just happened to notice a big tick-like insect on the carpet. This was an adult bed bug (about a 1/4 in.), and when it saw me it started to crawl towards a box I had my printer on, and proceeded to flatten up against the box and hide. I grabbed some tweezers and placed the devil into the alcohol container as well. That night a slept on my couch but could hardly sleep because I felt like things were crawling all over me. The next day, I planned on contacting the apartment management to see about pest control. But first I decided to check with my neighbors to see if any of them had any pest issues. It just so happened that the neighbor who lives behind me, who I share a bedroom wall with, claimed they had bed bugs about a month before. Bingo. I had asked if they had notified the management and had pest control come. They said they did. I went to the office, but before explaining my situation, I asked if there was any issues in building #4, of course they said no. I then proceeded to tell them of my issue and notified them in writing that I had bed bugs. They denied that they were notified by the neighbors of a previous issue, and stated that I would have to take care of the issue myself, i.e. pay for the pest control. I felt that since they were previously notified that the apartment management should claim some sort of responsibility. Also before pest control would come, they needed to verify that it was bed bugs afterall. Thats where the alcohol container came in handy, because I had my proof (not including the welts all over my arms and back). Since it was Memorial Day weekend, pest control would not come till Tuesday. I found out that when my neighbors did notify the office they did it verbally and had immediately gotten rid of their mattress (and proof of bed bugs). The management told them the same as they did me that they would be responsible for the pest control. So being cheap, instead of paying a qualified exterminator, my neighbors got some insect bombs and did it themselves. This just caused the bed bugs to eventually make it to my place. SO since they did not use the contract pest control nor did they notify the office in writing, thats why the office claims they did not know. Had they known, it probably would have been the same. I have spent about $400 out of pocket so far, $125 for pest control, $260 or so for mattress covers and new pillows. Its been two weeks since pest control came. Today I woke up with a bite. I am going inane because I don't know if the bed bugs are back. Damn this place!

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