1720 Wooten Park Dr
Austin, TX 78757-8221

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well i started to get big bumps on my skin and thought i had a rash of sum sort so i made an apointtment to see a doctor but a friend told it didnt look like a rash and that it was more like bites so wen i got home i pulled the sheet back and lʔked at my mattres i saw them and freaked out i called the manager and told them about them about it but they said that they couldnt do anything about it. wat i think is that they rented me the apartment with the bed bugs in it but i cant so now i just n

eed to educate my self about how to get rid of these bugs it cost about 500 for pest control to take care of them something i cant aforde and just want people to know about this aparment complex thats not trying to help its tenants

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