8054 Exchange Dr
Austin, TX 78754-4717

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Building 5 has a problem as well.
EVERYONE, please be vigilant when dealing with the infestations. You can treat your apartment using DE - Diatomaceous Earth (purchased from any nursery or home improvement store). SEVEN DOLLARS A BOX - WELL WORTH IT!
Directions on the box prove to fight the infestation better than anything else. I haven't asked the complex management to bring in a pest control specialist, because I know this does not properly treat the issue at hand. I have treated my ap

artment with this product twice and the results are dramatic. I believe if we get every tenant to use this product, and the management to recognize its use, we will see great improvement in this community. One thing to note with DE - it is completely safe for humans, plants, and animals. It is also MUCH less expensive than pest control companies and pesticides (which do not work). Do some research and jump on the bandwagon soon! The sooner everyone starts being proactive about the Palms issue, the sooner we'll stop being dinner to these bugs.

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Currently building 2 is infested with bed bugs. The management has sent in pest control to our apartment, but it has not worked, probably because we don't know if the neighbors have been treated. I have seen the exterminator's truck outside a couple more times and some box springs in the trash. It's been going on for a couple of months, and we can't wait to move.

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