12820 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78753-1102

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I lived there for 9 months, and when I moved out, my roommate moved across the hall. 2 weeks later he was covered, head to toe, in bed bug bites (it takes about 2 weeks for bites to show) . He had to go to a hotel for 2 or 3 nights because his apartment was UNLIVEABLE. He missed work for about 4 days from the two jobs he was working. When he called the first day after noticing the bites, the manager said she wouldn't be able to meet him when he got off work that night because she was going to he

r daughter's baseball game.
He stayed at a hotel that night. At some point, I think the next day, the management called the exterminator. The exterminator said the bugs wouldn't be killed for 7-10 days. But since he couldn't afford to keep staying in a hotel, he moved back in. So in the next 5 days, he got bitten more. The management sent in another guy to check out if the bugs were dead after they fumigated, and the guy said he didn't find anything. My friend lifted ONE couch cushion after the dude left, and found a bunch of baby bugs that had just hatched, alive and well.
The management never paid one dime towards his hotel bills. They didn't pay for the loads of laundry & he had to wash EVERYTHING fabric (clothes, sheets, blankets, etc) in super hot water. He had to wrap everything he couldn't wash in air tight packaging and vacuum seal it, and keep it like that for a year (because the bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding). They never offered to move him into another apartment. They never offered, or felt they needed to, pay his hotel bills. They never paid for his medication (he said the itching was HORRIBLE). I think they should pay his rent back to him and his moving fees to move out. His furniture is ruined. should have been compensated for his lost wages in my opinion, but if they're not even going to pay for a hotel, well, I guess I'm hoping for too much.
In the end, they tried to blame the bugs on his couch. But, I lived for 9 months with the same furniture without a single bite. They eventually offered a deal- one free day of rent. I AM NOT JOKING. When he said that was unacceptable, they offered a week of rent free. That's it. No compensation, no nothing. Maybe they were on their way to a baseball game, and that's the best they could do.
Good luck all who live there. I'd go online and check the Bed Bug registry ( http://bedbugregistry.com/ ) to see what apartment complexes aren't infested. Also check the facts about bed bugs, ( http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/bedbugs/ ) how to spot them (their poo etc), realize that THEY LIVE IN WALLS AND CAN GET INTO YOUR APARTMENT IF YOUR NEIGHBOR HAS THEM!
The complex itself is nice, but the management has never been good. They went from crappy to being bankrupt, and the management that the bank brought in was fine. Then, I think, this crap company bought it. Remember: when renting, trust your instincts. Don't be trapped or persuaded by deals or pretty pools and weight rooms. Crappy management makes any great place hell. Do your research.

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