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We live here in an old warehouse converted into apartments. About 2 weeks ago, a guy staying in one of our rooms found a bug on the floor. We then checked his mattress and sure enough... Infestation! We freaked out, threw out several mattresses, couches, etc... We then used bug bombs that claim to kill bed bugs in the room they were in, as well as all connected rooms. 2 days later we did it again. So it turns out this was THE WORST thing we could have done because this stuff does not k

ill them, only makes them spread. So now there still in the room they started, all surrounding rooms, and even rooms far away from the initial infestation. Our care taker has so far said we get no help from him. I personally am moving out before they get to me too. They move fast and way further than one would think.
This is an 8 bedroom unit, the Orkin people quoted us $450 for the first room, $200 each additional room. ($1850, almost a months rent) AND, they pretty much guaranteed not one, or even three treatments would fix this problem. They said that if the neighbors don't also treat their units as well, it would all be for nothing(imminent return). Sounds like these things in apartments is a straight up loosing battle.

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