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Started getting bitten sometime between February 2009 and March 2009. At first, I thought the bites were mosquitoes, and the blood stains on my sheets were due to acne. I had my apartment send an exterminator to check for them, but after he tore my bed apart and not finding anything, he just left.

By May 2009, the blood stains and bites were more frequent, and one night I accidentally stumbled onto their hiding place while getting into bed! (Extremely gross!) The little bastards were hiding

in my bed skirt! They were right under my nose the entire time and yet they eluded me! BASTARDS!
Immediately after finding their hiding spot, I vacuumed them all up, emptied the vacuum canister into the dumpster in the parking lot, and then vacuumed the mattress, bed frame, and floor. The next day, I washed all my clothes in hot water and double-dried them in the dryer. The apartment then sent an exterminator again and he sprayed EVERYTHING, including the mattress.

After the spray, I began to see more of them wandering around and looking confused (they were zig-zagging and walking strangely). I even began to se TINY ones come out of the mattress! THEY WERE IIIIIIN MY MATTRESS!!!!!! I WAS SLEEPING ON THEM!

After buying a water-proof mattress cover, I have yet to be bitten in 3 days! (It's nice waking up to pure white sheets again!)

Other details would be that my apartment is in building 3, but I will be in the same room for at least another year, so I don't want to release the room number for privacy reasons.

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