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Last January I attended a conference at the Embassy Suites Hotel. I was there for 2 nights and 3 days. On the second day I began to itch and had a rash, I thought maybe it was something that I had eaten, but the itch continued. When I returned home this rash/itch became worse and worse. I went to many doctors and even a allergist , no one knew what this was. Not to mention all the medicine I took. Then one night my husband flipped our mattress and we found tons of black ant like looking b

ugs. I freeked out and so did my husband. We started to kill them, they were everywhere. I looked like blood stains in the folds of our pillow to mattress. My husband went on line to look what this might be. Well it was BEDGUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How horrible. We contacted a exterminator to come to our house, he was floored about what he saw. He had never seen bedbugs that big. These bugs never bothered my husband as they only like their host, ME. My children were no longer allowed in my room as we didn't want these bugs to spread. Our laundry had to be washed in hot water, and dried twice as long as the heat would kill anything that might be in there. We had to get rid of things that we didn't want to go through paper and book wise, and if we didn't want to do that, we had to put that in our freezer for a full year. I threw away alot of clothing and things that meant alot to me, but I didn't want to have to deal with it. What a huge nightmare. This has been the worst year of my life. Imagine being bite by these bugs, having brusises and welps on your body.. It was horrible. The exterminator comes every month now for a whole year. Our mattress are covered w/covers that the bugs can't get through, so yes we sleep on these bugs/hopefully dead bugs every night. Needless to say I am trying to get this hotel to pay my medical bills and for the things that I have to replace and not to mention my emotion stress. I guess only time will tell if they feel that they are responsible. As I feel they are.

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