800 Meadow Creek Dr
Irving, TX 75038-3118

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We moved into apartment 2011 on Sunday 7/17/2011. We had to sleep on an air mattress that first night because our furniture hadn't arrived yet. When we woke in the morning there were blood spots on the mattress but because we had been moving and had gotten some scrapes in the move I didn't think much of it. We actually saw a bug that first morning but thought it was a roach. On Tuesday July 18th I saw a blood spot on my towel and then saw the bedbug and made the connection. I told the property m

anager and they had a Pest Control man who specialized in bedbugs out here in 20 minutes. He treated the place and will come back in two weeks to treat again to be sure they're all gone. He said it was a mild case and shouldn't be too hard to get rid off. If you move into this building go in with a flashlight first and check between the baseboards and the rugs for bedbugs first, that's where the PC guy saw ours.

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