4500 Sojourn Dr
Addison, TX 75001-5031

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The apt. next door was inhabited by four aviation students here from India. They had no furniture, no beds, and all were living in a 1bdrm apt. when it was originally rented to only one of them. (They told me this was quite common for people "...from their country", here for school, to do) They all moved out about 6mos. ago.

About 4wks ago the carpet was replaced in that unit after several cleaning crews were in and out of there during the weeks prior. It was at that time that my partner

started noticing bumps, welts, and itching problems; his bedroom shares a common wall with the "crash area" of the former tenants.

We didn't think it could be bed bugs, but flash forward to this morning.....after he has suffered with a misdiagnosis of scabies, and spent money on prescriptions......we saw a few on the mattress. Upon further inspection, we noticed more and more of them. The worst part of the infestation is where the head of the bed was up against the shared wall, and an electrical outlet on that wall.

The apartment manager said "...bedbugs can't transfer more than 10ft, and cannot go through electrical outlets.". I beg to differ.

So now, after sealing the mattress and box springs, we've noticed they are on the wall and a few on the ceiling in the bedroom.

As it turns out, this complex does use the "heat method" of eradication of the pesky pests....but WE must pay for it! Not happy about that at all, but at this point any amount of money will be well worth getting rid of all of this stress!

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