2039 Ridgecrest Loop Ln
Sevierville, TN 37876-8870

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I just found this website while searching for a vacation rental in the Gatlinburg Tennessee area. Me and my wife stayed at "Away from it all" cabin for 3 nights in July 2011.
The cabin was spotless and there were no signs of bedbugs.
There was a guest registry in the cabin. While we were there, I read through it. There were no complaints of bedbugs or cleanliness issues.
Lisa was great to work with during the rental process.
The cabin is not available during the time that we will be in the

area this year. If it was, we would rent from her again.

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My family and I have personally stayed here on several occasions.it has always been clean,immaculate, and everything in working order. They have even added an ourdoor firepit etc..it is tradition to enjoy at least 1 breakfast on the covered deck..and I always HOPE for at least one rain or light storm while there because it is simply gorgeous looking out from the view. Almost everything you would normally need is provided....right down to internet connection.......but please resist as much as pos

sible.IT IS VACATION! The FAUST's have my permission to give my email address as an honest referral(Have never personally met or expect any compensation) This is my first choice of cabins.........and will only consider others(including their 2nd home,based on Pigeon Forge) if not available. If I was in a position to place my reservations well in advance.....I would be a GUARANTEED REPEAT CUSTOMER! My family considers the PG one our personnal "2nd home" We actually were starting to look at neighboring cabins to buy the very weekend of "the fire" (while on vacation, our business was struck by lightening and was total loss)....we left in the wee hrs of the morning....we probably left things "undone" as to agreement but.......they would hear of nothing...and never told us if we forgot anything.) Now, we are starting over but....AWAY FROM IT ALL.will probably always hold our heart! Stay strong Ms Lisa.........honesty and reputation will always prevail.....as others mentioned. If they can't provide proof...........I hope others will take it with a grain of salt. I know what we had on our 1st visit........and our last visit......... Hopefullly, we can meet one day.until then.....THANK YOU for sharing your "HOME AWAY FROM HOME"!

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More desparate attempts to discredit me and our vacation rentals (sigh). All you have to do is show some proof that you stayed at this property. Are you going to post another "report" every time I respond to the thread on Trip Advisor?


This is a false report. It is almost a year old, but I just found this report when I Googled my cabin name. I am the owner of this cabin- Lisa Faust. My name and the cabin’s VRBO listing number and address are the only accurate parts of this report.
This person never stayed at either of our cabins. The person who made this report was a poster on the Trip Advisor travel forum. For various reasons that I’m not going to get into, she was banned from Trip Advisor. Her last post

on Trip Advisor is on March 7, 2011 and both of my cabins had a bed bug report posted on this site on March 8, 2011. (see the report on 421 Forest Springs Drive, Gatlinburg for her other false report for our other cabin)
I have never spoken with this person on the phone and all of the claims made in this report are an attempt to discredit my reputation as an owner and the success of my cabin rentals. I have contacted the owner of this site with several emails in the past week or so offering affidavits from the guests of this cabin during the month of January or any other month preceding or following this falsified incident to prove there are no problems with bed bugs or the other claims. As of now, I still haven’t heard back from the owner of this site, so I decided to post this explanation before any more damage is done.
Unfortunately, the owner does not require the poster to provide any type of proof that she stayed at the location of the report. Any person can post a false claim without any fear of reprisal.
Please take the time to read out guest book comments on our VRBO listing to see that we work very hard to provide a clean cabin (without any bed bugs!) for our guests to enjoy.
Please notice that the poster makes sure she names me and my husband and mentions each of our cabins along with their VRBO listing numbers in hopes to create more damage. She goes above and beyond simply reporting bed bugs and includes attacks on my responsiveness as an owner as well as making sure she mentions as many things wrong with each cabin as possible.
I am waiting to hear from the owner of this site. I believe she will find a bogus email address when she attempts to contact this anonymous poster. In the meantime, the post has been here for almost a year damaging my reputation (which is the purpose of the post). It’s really sad that someone can hide behind a computer screen and be so vicious.

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