2620 12th Ave
Regina, SK S4T

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I lived on the east side of this building and the infestation is so bad, I was forced to move. The landlord and owners are extremely reluctant to heat treat the building or get any sort of professional exterminators and attempt to solve the problem themselves. I had someone spray my suite on 3 separate occasions with no success, I was continuing to get huge bites and had found bugs on my skin when I woke up with unbearable itchiness. This place is gross and a disaster, please don't l

ive here. Living here forced me to dispose of all my furniture and waste a lot of my time and money.

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currently living in the west side of this buolding. have never ever seen a bed bug. cockroaches come and go as people move in and out and suites are updated. the landlord has been more than generous with providing poision and bait traps to catch/remove the little bastards. good building if you're willing to be a clean person and take care of your suite. people that are complaining about it likely left food everywhere for them to eat, thus attracting the bugs to their suites.

My daughter lived there in 2012.. ugh this buidling is in fested with bed bugs. The landlord/building owners do not take complete responsibility to getting this building treated properly.. you will always see vacant apartments available.. hmm I wonder why, dont move here, or you will be sorry

The east-side of this complex is infested with bedbugs, to the point where regular spraying did not work. The first night when I moved in I was itchy to the point of madness, I first shrugged it off as allergies. The second night I was watching tv and noticed several huge red welts on my forearm, I checked the couch I was sitting in and noticed a small brown bug crawling around (at the time I didn't know what a bed bug was) I shrugged it off again. The third night I finally noticed something was

fishy because when I got up to grab a glass of water I noticed 2 brown bugs crawling on my bed. I picked one up and put it in a see thru jar and showed it to my friends, they said it was a bed bug! I was obviously pissed off and I informed the manager, he offered to spray the apartment and said we'll follow up on it. That night I went to bed thinking everything was taken care of....WRONG!!!! The next morning I was covered with itchy red welts and I went to the manager again, he said they'll spray from top to bottom in the afternoon. I went back to my suite and that's when I got curious, I moved the stove and the fridge and noticed a fair amount of dead bedbugs scattered on the floor, I wasn't very happy. I stayed here for 2 weeks and the situation got worse and worse, the sprayings didn't help at all. The management and the owner weren't being very helpful at this point either because I told them I want a different exterminator to come in because I didn't think the one that lives in our building (fishy eh?) was doing an adequate job. They declined my request and told me it was going to get sprayed again, I told them I want to move out because the suite is infested. I went to the rentalsman and filed a complaint, they said they have all sorts of complaints regarding this address and the manager was always denying each complaint. Well after two weeks and 8 more sprayings the bed bug problem was still there, the manager and the owner didn't show up at the rentalsman hearing about the complaint (they denied i gave them the hearing notice) and they wouldn't let me move out at the end of the month because I didn't put in a months notice. I argued "why should I give a months notice when I've been getting devoured by bedbugs on a nightly basis?" I also threw in that the spray treatments weren't working, but all they said is that theyll spray it again. At my wits end, at nightfall I threw out all of my clothes, bedding, sofa, and recliners. I pulled a midnight move (as advised by a lady at the rentalsman office because we can file a counter complaint). I strongly hope no one has to go through what I had to, the psychological stress it puts on you is intense.

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I saw a small bug crawling on the floor one morning last spring and didn't think much of it (maybe it had gotten in through an open window), so just got rid of it. About two weeks later, I woke up to go to the bathroom and saw the same kind of bug crawling under my pillow. I looked under the sheets and found about a dozen more in the folds of the fitted sheet. The building sprayed my apt, and the bugs haven't returned, but the whole building is infested with them, and they are still spraying oth

er apartments to try to control the spread. I'm moving out.

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