1706 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3216

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Me and about 5 other girls stayed here during September 2012..when I woke up I thought my daughter was bleeding from her nose because of the blood streaks all in the bed..She looked at me and thought the same thing. Which I had steaks on my shirt as well.I pulled the covers back and they were crawling everywhere. So huge that I thought they were ticks about to explode. I looked on the walls and they were all behind the picture frames. I had been biten several places and so had my daughter.We had

called the front desk and it took them forever to come up and check things out. I videoed them crawling everywhere. When the man got there, he said they had problems for awhile and could not get them under control. I guess not, they were huge. We did not noticed them when we got there because it was dark, and we rushed to go out..came in drunk and jumped in the bed with them..NIce huh?, woke up disgusted and furious

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The nights of October 12-14, 2012, we stayed in Room 417 of Atlantica. The morning of checkout, October 15, we saw blood streaks on our sheets and had small bites on our bodies. (Earlier in our stay we had requested a mattress cover for one of the beds that lacked it.) Upon checkout, we told the desk person of the presence of bed bugs, but there was no significant response.

After returning home, we contacted through email the address given on the Website to report our experience, requesting

a response. No response.

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Palmetto Shores Oceanfront Resort. One of the rooms in the Atlantica 1 building had bed-bugs. I know this because I witnessed the bed-bug problem. I can't recall the room number, but it was on the 6th floor of the Atlantica 1 Building. This was the first weekend in September when we encountered this problem. Extermination company was called to take care of this problem.

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