4626 W Montague Ave
North Charleston, SC 29418-5634

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The house is discusting, besides the infestation of sand fleas, fleas, dust mites and bed bugs. The current tenets don't clean the home at ALL!! They have two pit bulls that drag in the sand dirt and inturn causing me and my son muliple bites over 90% of our bodies. I moved in with my family on April 24th 2011. I moved out ASAP..on June 28, 2011, because of the conditions. The current tenets are nasty people. Guess some people like living in that type of environment. I had pink rings around my e

yes from a reaction to these muliple bites, my son also had a rash. I was told we were crazy since they never bite the tenets before. DON"T MOVE INTO THIS HOME!!! ITS MEANT FOR RATS!!!!

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