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I live in a 50 unit apt. bldg. in the borough of Lachine. In early January I was changing the mattress cover and noticed something in the seam of my mattress. Upon closer inspection, I found bedbugs. In the 7 weeks since, I've had an exterminator come (paid for by the owners), I bought a vinyl encasement, I've tried different sprays, I've vaccuumed, but every morning I wake up with one in bed with me. I had never seen any ON my bed in the morning until the past 2 weeks. I believe they might be n

esting in the boxspring so yesterday I purchased a steamer and will steam clean both the boxpspring and mattress and then encase both of them.

The owners knew about the problem and did not bother warning the tenants. Also they have not sprayed all the apts, only those that were reported by tenants so of course they are still spreading. If I could move this year, I would, but I can't so I'm hoping my steam cleaning will help. I also purchased some R&C spray, which is said to help keep them off the bed (or sofa, etc), as well I will be caukling all the baseboards and any holes I find in the bedrooms.

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