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I live in a sixplex near LaSalle Blvd and the whole right side of the building complained of bed bugs. Been dealing with these things for months, they KEEP coming back because the (cheap) landlord will only have the exterminator come to the apartments complained about. so far the exterminator's come twice and we've sprayed the apartment ouselves 4 times. I know for a fact the the 3 opposing apartments have bed bugs because the apartments on the other side (seperated by a FIREWALL) were also infe

sted. I don't know how they got in, we DON'T buy second hand furniture and we don't travel.

We have no choice now but to get rid of our couch and buy a low maintenance futon and because the landlord is SOOOO cheap, we're moving and we're probably going to bring these pests with us, but as long as the landlord doesn't take action, these things are just going to keep coming back and I WILL go insane.

I plan on warning any and all future tenants of this pest problem, so good luck to my landlord on renting this place.

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