4000 Rue Bannantyne
Montreal, QC H4G

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I'm actually a neighbor of this building and we are having problems too. I can't find where to post for our building so if someone can help me, that would be great. We live at 4005 rue Newmarch and we share a driveway with the building in question...
As for our building, it's my neighbor in apt. 3 that is generously sharing these bugs. We have yet to get them inside our apartment, we got a treatment for the exterminator on October 20, 2011 and we should be getting another one this week on the

3rd. So hopefully all goes away.
It's just not cool that our neighbor is putting her stuff outside on the balcony, that we share with her, stuff like bags, rugs, suitcases... that's just asking for trouble!

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The bed bugs are starting to spread in this apartment building.
The management is not taking the problem seriously enough and in no time, the bugs will have spread all over the building.
Residents are starting to enquire about moving out of this building.
The problem: those with bed bugs will simply carry them out with them and contaminate other properties.

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