40 Rue Troy
Montreal, QC H4G

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My name is Geoff Smith, and we were tenants at 40 Rue Troy, beginning May,/2008, and we left in Oct.01st/2009.
Every night, these little buggers, came in actual squads(it seemed);;there were "nombrous", as the technician, told us, -hundreds, crawling all over us.. I have heart arrhythmia, and the coumadin,
and the medication, killed them as soon as they bit me.
My wife, was not as lucky;;she had welters, all over her arms, and legs.
Most of the night, as long as we could

stay up, and awake, we sprayed them, and then throw them, in a bucket, filled with water, and a little Lysol.
That worked every time, but how long, can any
person live like that?;;apparently, quite long, I guess, particularly with many Asians living there.
All I can say, is best of luck, and God bless
them all. Sincerely, -G. Smith
Verdun, Qc. -Canada

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