Rue Springland
Montreal, QC H4E

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observed PCO going periodically across the street from our building starting in December 2014. All 3 apartments are getting treatment. Observed PCO there last week. Mattresses furniture, bags and more have been thrown across the street on a weekly basis. We still have the problem after 7 months. $4000+ in expenses.

Brought home from centre Gadbois in last few months certainly. Living in an apartment puts everyone at risk. It's been insane trying to take all measures to contain it to the one room only. Bites were discovered on the person in question, then further inspection led to panic discovering the critters in the mattress. The Exterminator has come once so far and will come every 21 days. Heat treatment is not an option as owner will not pay. Traumatic and devastating to say the least.. it's cost a sma

ll fortune so far over $2200. everything is still being bagged after 2 weeks. Clothes all have to be passed in a dryer on high heat at laundry matt over 50 garbage bags! Everything is being dismantled and it's like living in a war zone/hospital. The life we knew seems over. There is a heat oven being sold by Packtite for $899 to salvage items. It seems the ONLY one to pass all tests. If they are not heated to 140 degrees, eggs, nymphs and bugs will NOT DIE. Books, papers wood pictures on walls all are and can be infected. They can go one year without your blood and hitchhike when they find someone. They potentially can come back even after 6 months a year. I set up traps everywhere, and monitor. Also Diamaceous Earth is put as barrier all over the place. There should be posts and warning at Centre Gadbois that there has been an infestation there from this summer, even if it was contained, and anyone working or who attends there can potentially get them! obviously there is a problem still! the cycle will never end! They have treated and claim none are found, but if employees won't come forth and declare they have them or attendees of the gym, pool or skating rinks, hundreds are at risk. So far two employees have had them in two months in which one will not come forth.
All Cote St. Paul, Ville Emard, St. Henri, Verdun and Lasalle are at risk due to attendees at the center. Take precautions I wish this upon no one! lack of sleep weight loss, financial loss are just among the consequences. This is a true nightmare. I no longer feel safe in my neighborhood. The toll on health this takes is incredible. No one should have to go through this in this day and age. What is the government doing about this? How did Montreal become such a haven for bedbugs? NYC I imagine... all the tourists and people to and from NYC.
I have noticed a number of mattresses outside in last 3 weeks. With notices saying infested do not take. So there is something going on and it's spreading quickly and no one seems to be reporting it!

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