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December 11th, I noticed the little bastards IN MY APARTMENT
Landlord has been notified. I of course did everything in *my* power to rid myself of the little bastards. Seemed to be effective, for how long we shall see.
However they had to come from somewhere and I suspect that they're elsewhere in the building!
I personally don't pick up things from the curb, rarely have guests over and haven't traveled in almost a year.
Here's what I did to help stop the spread:
Vacuumed everything and e

verywhere I had carpet. Then I emptied it out into the toilet. I have a bag-less model. Which (the carpet) thankfully is limited to my bedroom.
I invested in a ton of raid. Their "naturals line" for multi big control does say on the side label that it kills bedbugs and after encountering a few live ones and spraying them directly, this seems to be effective.
I sprayed down my bed, the walls, around my baseboards and all seams that I could see.
I washed/dried everything bedding related that DIDN'T have bug poop stains on it. Anything that did was tossed out (two pillows just to be on the safe side)
I dismantled my bed and sprayed the crap out of it, paying close attention to the seams of the box spring and mattress and sprayed down the frame too.
I sprayed down my newly washed/dried pillows and purchased some in-expensive VINYL pillow and mattress covers. While there is countless products on the market that aid in preventing them IE pillow protectors, they're made of microfibre and while that might keep them out, if you already have them it will do NO good in suffocating them.
So far this seems to be effective. I haven't seen any as of yet (I seen quite a few of the little bastards) and I have an extra can of RAID on hand just in case!

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