6630 Rue Sherbrooke O
Montreal, QC H4B

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I lived there for one year untill two months ago when two neigbors have bedbog in their home at 17 floor. Although the manager brought somebody to poisoning the corners of those appartments and neighbors but I prefer to leave the place.

This building is not clean overall. The manager (which is a very low class old lady) try to save money in every possible way. I lived only 10 months in this building and it was full of bedbug and other small animals. They never cared attention to my complains , so I went to Regie and I broke the lease .Stay away from this building.

I've been living in this apartment building since October 2013 and Never had a problem with bedbugs!! No ants OR other creepy crawlies, either.

I've been living in this apartment building since October 2013 and Never had a problem with bedbugs!! No ants OE other creepy crawlies, either.

WARNING -- This entire building OVERRUN and utterly INFESTED with bed bugs, all 21 floors!

For several years bugs have spread from floor to floor, apartment to apartment. The owner is aware, but is negligent and refuses to properly exterminate. If you choose to live here, it's not a matter of if, but when you will be infested.

The problem is the administrator, Madame Huot. As told to me by one of the former staff, she was hired to keep costs down, by avoiding maintenance, repairs and gene

ral upkeep. She is deceptive and aggressive with tenants when vermin are brought up, and has allowed the bed bug situation to deteriorate to the point people are now forced to move out in droves.

The city of Montreal has a dozens of files open on Le 6630 for infestation complaints, as well as violations of civil law and code. I personally have been put through hell and back living in this building with bed bugs and now forced to move out myself!

If a tenant moves out of an apartment swarming with bed bugs, they will NOT treat it. They just clean and repaint and let you move in on top of the infestation, and then claim you brought the bugs in yourself. It is criminal what is going on here. Avoid this building at all costs!

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The first problem with this bulding is that it's full of bed bugs.

The second problem is the administration (rental office) of this building.They don't want to spend money and therefore, they don't want to fix the problem. The manager of the building is rude old woman. SHe denies everything. Never approach this devil.

This fucking building is full of bed bugs. It is not recommended to approach this building. The land lord and management don't care to the problem.

This building is FULL of bed bugs. The land lord and his manager are REAL MOTHER FUCKERS. They do not exterminate the building.
PLEASE NEVER CHOSE THIS BUILDING FOR YOUR LIFE (in particular, if you have little kids)

Unfortunately, I live now in this building. Every midnight, my son screams because of bite of bed bugs and we are awake for at lest 1 year. After bitting, some large pimples appear in the biting place (face, hand, foot, etc). For more than 1 month, we did not know that the screams of my son is the effect of bitings. We thought that he is sick and the pimples are the side effect of vaccination or chicken pox or blood placket problem! Finally, we found that he is crying and screaming by the bites

of bed bugs.

The administration of this building are two ladies that just play game with you. They either refuse to exterminate at all, or try and delay exterminating for several weeks, or even months! That is why the building is full of bed bugs, they are neglectful and have let this problem spread.

In particular, they did not accept that I cancel my lease. I have started a fight against them.

THIS BUILDING IS NOT RECOMMENDED (also, the amount of rent in this building is very high and is equal to that you may pay in down town).

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I made the mistake of living in this building for over a year, and didn't even realize the entire building was revoltingly infested breeding ground for bed bugs, which we have just recently learned from a fresh study at a Vancouver hospital harbor deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria. People are actually getting infected with dangerous bacteria from bed bug infestations. Since I am one of the 50% that does not develop a reaction to bug bites, I did not realize I had them, but i was scratching a

lot. My girlfriend kept waking me up in the middle of the night scratching everywhere, complaining of things crawling all over her, all over certain parts of her body there were large red welts, then she started finding the bugs outside the bedroom in clothing in broad daylight. I was totally devastated, yet not surprised to discover more in the mattress and boxspring. The neighbors say they have them too and nothing is being done. The critters seem to be rampant throughout 6630 Sherbrooke ouest apartment complex and they are creeping in through the cracks in the walls: I am extremely concerned any extermination measures taken by the building will be ineffectual, who knows if they will actually hire someone who knows what they are doing with the punaise de lit unless they regularly bi weekly fumigate the entire huge apartment complex. Hence, I am going to have to move. I really believed this was a well maintained building that took proper measures.

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